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Choose a clearly defined payment solution, with an implementation methodology, that best suits your business requirements.

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Engage our dedicated in-house experts for direct, personalized full development life cycle support including sample code, documentation, certification testing and more.

Go To Market & Grow

Benefit from ongoing support including onboarding merchants, sales and marketing support, channel product roadmap and system enhancements.

Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

Enhance your solutions with our integrated payments

The Mercury Developer Network provides personalized services to help our partners identify and build the best payments solution with the least amount of integration effort and cost.

Integrations Made Easy

The Developer Network for Integrated Payments provides complete technical services and resources for you to build simple, secure, and scalable payment solutions into your POS applications. It provides pre- and post-integration support, sample code, documentation, high industry expertise and a peer network that understands the challenges that you face daily.

Unlike other payment processors that only provide limited support, the Developer Network offers direct, personalized guidance throughout the integration process and ongoing support for the life of the relationship. By engaging with the Developer Network, you get customized integration implementation methods based on your desired parameters. With unmatched personalized, custom support, the Developer Network makes integrating payments faster and easier.
  • Client-side or Hosted

    We have flexible integration options including Client-side and Hosted technologies.

  • Target Markets

    We'll help develop applications that meet market requirements and specific needs of specific verticals.

  • PCI and PA-DSS Compliant Solutions

    We help eliminate some of the burden of developing applications that conform to PA-DSS requirements.

  • Key Solution Features

    We support our integrations with key features such as PIN debit, EMV, ecommerce, FSA and more.

Ready to get started integrating to Vantiv Integrated Payments?

Ready to integrate to Vantiv Integrated Payments?

Access the Vantiv Integrated Payments Developer Network to enable simple and secure payments for your POS applications.

  • Explore the Developer Network portal for the latest in solutions, documentation and thought leadership.

  • Join your peers on social media (YoutTube®, LinkedIn®) and user group webinars

  • Engage our dedicated in-house experts for full development life cycle support services.

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Dedication To Our Developer Partners

We make the integration process easy with a combination of technical resources and personal support. Our integration analysts  maintain their relationships with our developer partners for the entire life of the partnership which makes it easy for us to troubleshoot any issues that come up. We help save our partners time and money associated with maintenance and enhancements. 

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