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Accept chip card transactions with an EMV® capable device to help remove fraud liability and protect customer data.

POS Security Best Practices

Learn to recognize the warning signs for fraud and follow these card acceptance guidelines to reduce your risk.

Emerging Payments

Vantiv Integrated Payments supports inherently more secure payment types like PayPal, ApplePay™, and Google Wallet™*.

Security Tips and Strategies

Secure Ways to Pay

Secure your business and your customers' card data with payment technologies and resources.

Your Business, Secured.

A business’ survival and vitality depends upon payment security and consumer trust. Vantiv Integrated Payments and your POS provider offer a simple and comprehensive security solution that helps protect your business by securing your customers’ payment data before, during and after the transaction.

We empower merchants to provide secure payment experiences that reduce or eliminate card handling and keep card data safe throughout the transaction. Merchant SecureAssist®, EMV solutions, encryption and tokenization help improve payment security, fraud reduction, PCI compliance and consumer trust for your business.

Accepting new and secure mobile payments types like PayPal and Apple Pay® provide improved customer convenience and can help drive revenue. Decrease your security and fraud risks and grow new revenue by taking action now with your POS provider to enable Vantiv Integrated Payments’ next generation security and fraud solutions.
  • EMV

    Limit your potential fraud liability by being enabled to accept EMV chip cards. Vantiv Integrated Payments’ EMV solution helps reduce your PCI scope exposure and includes E2E encryption to secure cardholder data while streamlining the POS experience for you and your customers.

  • Apple Pay In-Store

    Accept Apple Pay mobile payments, a proven secure method of payment for consumers. With millions of iPhones™ on the market, you will want to meet the demand for Apple Pay by having an NFC capable peripheral.

  • PayPal Mobile In-store

    Accept PayPal Mobile In-store Payments* to attract new customers, improve service and deliver a more secure payment option than traditional credit cards. With PayPal, you can improve the checkout experience and reduce in-store wait times with order ahead capability.
    *POS integration required

  • Merchant SecureAssist

    Merchant SecureAssist makes it easier to achieve and maintain PCI compliance and helps protect your business from a costly data breach. In partnership with Trustwave®, we help guide you through the compliance process and provide monitoring and reporting services.

See what mobility can do for you

Tableside ordering and payments increases profits and security

Keep fraud out and the customers coming in with a secure, mobile POS experience. With a tablet-based mobile POS system your servers can save valuable time when it comes to order placement and accepting payments. With Vantiv Integrated Payments’ tokenization technology , your customers’ sensitive payment data is encrypted and secured from the moment the card is swiped. Plus, when you accept payments tableside, your customers can keep their card throughout the transaction.

Get secure, mobile payments

Breaches By Industry

Leverage us for Security Solutions

  • Two thirds of breaches involve restaurant, retail and hospitality*
  • 59% of data compromise victims reside in the U.S.
  • 41% yearly increase in breaches
  • 80% of businesses that experience a data breach go bankrupt or have financial difficulties within two years.*
Sources:  *2012 Trustwave Global Security Report. *Privacy Rights Clearing House, ITCR, site, 2013. DCRPOS, site, 2014, PCI Standards, site, 2014. 
Average Breach Penalty
Breaches Involving SMBs
97 MIL
Card Numbers Stolen in 2014

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Vantiv Integrated Payments can help. We have an entire network of partners who can provide you with everything you need to give your customers a secure experience with the payment type of their choice. Vantiv Integrated Payments has a solution for every business. Give us a call and we’ll help you get started.

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