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    With OmniShield Assure the all-in-one security solution for
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Total Protection

Help protect your business from fraud, data compromise, PCI non-compliance and financial loss with OmniShield Assure.

Simple Process

Take the complexity out of payment security with OmniShield Assure - simple, secure, complete – for peace of mind.

Reduced Financial Risk

Rest easy with up to $100,000 in Breach Assistance for certain costs associated with a data breach.

Address the four payment security threats facing your business

Sell more. Worry less. Peace of mind payments.

Secure your business from serious credit card payment security threats.

All in one—we make it easy.

Vantiv Integrated Payments' OmniShield Assure helps you safely accept payments and dramatically reduce your fraud liability. When used with an EMV and encryption-enabled standalone terminal or POS system, OmniShield Assure helps protect your business from the usage of counterfeit or fraudulent cards and can help ensure that card data is safely transmitted for processing.

OmniShield Assure comes with an easy to use PCI compliance assistance solution, as well as financial breach assistance to help protect your business from certain breach-related costs.

Plus, our card data encryption and MToken secure tokenization service provide additional security for your payment transactions and help prevent card data compromise.
  • EMV

    Limit your potential fraud liability and help protect cardholder data by processing chip cards with an EMV-enabled terminal. OmniShield Assure’s EMV capability helps you avoid an increase in certain fraud related chargebacks and makes it easier to maintain customer trust.

  • Card Data Encryption & Tokenization

    OmniShield Assure’s card data encryption and tokenization provides a solid layer of added protection by protecting data at the point of entry and for the duration of the transaction and while stored for post-authorization services.

  • Breach Protection*

    A data breach can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but with the breach protection included in OmniShield Assure, your financial liability can be reduced by up to $100,000 per location including up to $15,000 for certain hardware and software upgrades.

    * contains eligibility and other program-specific terms and conditions

  • PCI Compliance Assistance

    Our PCI compliance assistance helps you achieve and maintain PCI compliance with tools that guide you through the process, virus scans and support from compliance professionals. You’ll receive a Certificate of Compliance that lets customers know their security is a top priority for your business.

OmniShield Assure

Upgrade to OmniShield Assure and get peace of mind for your payment transactions so you can focus on your business


  • Improve credit card payment security
  • Reduce PCI compliance burden
  • Lower chargeback liability risk
  • Accept more payment methods
  • Reduce your financial risk from a breach
  • Improve customer experience
  • Help safeguard your reputation

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Why Card Data Security Is Important

  • 80% of breaches occur in small businesses​*
  • Two thirds of breaches involve restaurant, retail and hospitality*
  • A data breach can cost over $100,000 in penalties*
  • 80% of small businesses who experience a data breach go bankrupt or experience severe financial difficulties within two years**

Sources: *2012 Trustwave Global Security Report. **Privacy Rights Clearing House, ITCR, site, 2013. DCRPOS, site, 2014, PCI Standards, site, 2014. 

97 MIL
Card Numbers Stolen Last Year
87 Days
Avg. Breach to Detection
Yearly Increase in Breaches

Is Your Business Protected?

Enroll in Merchant SecureAssist and help protect your business from a payment card data breach today! You’ll receive step by step help maintaining compliance, ongoing compliance tools, and peace of mind knowing that your business is secure. We’ll help you get started.

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