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Vantiv Integrated Payments Launches New EMV Solutions at TRANSACT 15

Solutions part of company’s focus to quickly enable EMV readiness for ISVs and small businesses

SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2015Vantiv Integrated Payments, a Vantiv company (NYSE: VNTV) and an award-winning provider of payments technology and services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today launched new EMV solutions for integrated software vendors (ISVs) and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) at ETA’s TRANSACT 15 in San Francisco.

"SMBs with integrated point-of-sale systems face different challenges implementing EMV than those using unintegrated systems," said Matt Ozvat, vice president of developer integrations at Vantiv Integrated Payments. “A good solution needs to be quick and easy to implement, integrate with a merchant’s POS and meet the EMV requirements of the networks. Vantiv Integrated Payments’ new EMV solutions do just that.”

Using a single integration approach, Vantiv Integrated Payments offers unique, semi-integrated EMV solutions that include end-to-end encryption. The solutions allow developers to quickly add services such as gift card acceptance and additional features – such as ApplePay and NFC acceptance – all with one easy integration.

"We know EMV, compliance, and security are complicated matters," added Ozvat. "Vantiv Integrated Payments’ experts can help ISVs and merchants navigate the payments landscape and select the right payment products and services."

With the new offerings, ISVs can choose Datacap’s dsiEMVUS application, Datacap’s IPTranLT Mobile device or Vantiv Integrated Payments’ Pay-at-the-Table solution to meet the rapidly approaching October 1, 2015 liability shift deadline.

  • Datacap’s dsiEMVUS is a semi-integrated client-side payment application that drives many different EMV devices and simplifies the EMV certification process.
  • Datacap’s IPTranLT Mobile solution supports web based POS, tablets, and ECR based developers and is available in a low cost monthly rental program. The solution combines a payment drawer, printer, EMV enabled pin-pad, and other hardware accessories with one simple integration.
  • Vantiv Integrated Payments’ Pay-at-the-Table solution for restaurants is a hardware-based, semi-integrated solution that pushes non-sensitive wireless transaction data to a secure application running on a Pay-at-the-Table EMV device.

By using Vantiv Integrated Payments’ solutions, an ISV will be able to support EMV transactions with solutions that meet the needs of PC, tablet and browser based developers as well as electronic cash register.

The Vantiv Integrated Payments Developer Integration team is currently implementing support with select POS ISVs and will be offering support to all its ISV partners in early summer 2015. Merchants should expect solutions to become available beginning late summer 2015. Vantiv Integrated Payments will provide robust support during and after the integration.

The addition of Vantiv Integrated Payments’ new EMV product offerings is part Vantiv’s overall focus to help each of its more than 500,000 merchant locations, 1,400 financial institutions and 900 developer partners enable EMV and other important security tools. For more information about Vantiv Integrated Payments’ EMV solutions, please visit http://www.mercurypay.com/product/more-secure-ways-to-pay.

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