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POS Solutions for Service-Based Businesses

What you need, when you need it.

As a service provider, your business isn't a cookie cutter one size fits all operation. Your payment processing solution shouldn’t be either. Vantiv Integrated Payments 's merchant services are flexible and diverse. No matter what your business needs are, Vantiv Integrated Payments strives to meet them. We provide payment processing and value added services for a diverse range of merchant businesses including service providers.

Service providers like dry cleaners, car washes, salon, spas, parking lot operators, contractors, taxis and others can accept payments quickly and easily with Vantiv Integrated Payments. Our integrated payment solutions are designed to help grow your business while providing fast, reliable and secure transactions.

Payment Services For Your Business

Vantiv Integrated Payments’ services are right for most every type of business


Accept payments and track the needs and wants of your clients


Streamline operations so you can focus on what’s important


Keep things running with a POS that helps you manage your business

Gym Fitness Club

Simplify management, marketing and accounting

Golf Club

Manage membership fees, greens fees, and the 19th hole

Car Wash

Get an all-in-one payments solution that works with your car wash system


Payment Processing Your Way
Get fast, reliable, and secure transactions with MercuryPay®, Vantiv Integrated Payments’ award-winning payment processing. Accept the most common payment types and card brands, and enjoy high reliability, speedy funding, promotional payment options, and instant transaction viewing.

• Seamless integration with the POS of your choice
• 24/7 support from U.S. based POS experts
• Credit, debit, gift, mobile and EBT transactions
• Free gift and store card transactions
• Card data security with breach protection


A Better Way To Pay
Part gift card, part payment card, all convenience, the Mercury StoreCard allows customers to earn rewards, give gifts, and pay with a mobile phone. Local merchants use the Mercury StoreCard to help increase foot traffic and bring more value to every transaction.

• Cash back rewards for customer purchases
• Mobile payments via plastic to mobile card
• Automated and manual reloading of card balance based on customer preference
• Card Studio website for customers to purchase personalized gift cards online
• Card registration protects against loss or theft
• Merchant-branded customer website with innovative card management features

Gift Cards

The Perfect Gift
Offering gift cards is easy with MercuryGift®. Our comprehensive gift card service offers unlimited free transactions for merchants also processing credit cards with Vantiv Integrated Payments , and a variety of affordable gift cards and merchandising materials to fit your budget.

• Generate new revenue
• Build awareness and increase brand exposure
• Increase ticket size and foot traffic
• Manage gift card sales for one store or a chain

Merchant SecureAssist™

Fast, Easy PCI Compliance
Businesses without breach protection are at risk for heavy fines and business closure in the event of a data security breach. Merchant SecureAssist helps small businesses achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

• Quick & easy—Become PCI compliant quickly and easily
• Stay protected—maintain PCI compliance and stay protected
• Peace of mind—enjoy breach assistance, support and service

Accelerated Funding

Get Your Money Faster
Vantiv Integrated Payments’ Accelerated Funding solution provides a faster way for you to get your money from payment processing transactions. Offering both Same Day Funding2 and Next Day Funding1, you can use your money sooner and run your business efficiently.

• Help keep inventory fresh
• Help pay bills with confidence
• Help pay employees on time

1. Certain eligibility and other restrictions, terms, and limitations apply; limited availability in Canada, call for details.
2. Same Day Funding based on deposits with Wells Fargo Bank.

Customer Service

A Promise We Keep
When problems happen, fast resolution can save the day. Get free, live, U.S.-based customer support, 24/7. Our friendly team is here to answer your calls and emails anytime, day or night. We proactively monitor our support team’s calls and performance to help us continually identify and implement new processes to improve merchant services and customer satisfaction.

The Right Solution

A quality POS should be at the center of your business.

The Right Partner

A trusted advisor makes all the difference when it comes to choosing the right POS for your business. We can help you find one.

Find a POS Reseller

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Download the POS Buyer’s Guide

It's a big job to buy the perfect POS System. This is a robust guide to get you equipped to ask all the right questions to potential providers.

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8 Simple Considerations

Choosing a POS can be complicated. Use this cheat sheet to narrow your search and find the right point of sale system.

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Payment Processor Guide

Choosing the right payments provider is a critical business decision. Learn about features that matter and qualities to look for in a processor.

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