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Your POS System Can Do More Than Take Credit Card Payments

Chris Allen

The days of investing money and training in POS terminals that could only accept cash, check and credit card payments are long gone. Today’s high-tech POS systems can help you manage and improve virtually every aspect of your business—including customer service, employee payroll, inventory tracking, detailed reporting and much more. Plus, you’ll be able to accept the latest emerging payment types that customers have come to expect, including digital wallet, NFC and mobile payments.

Accept all of today’s hot payment types

  • Accept traditional payment types such as cash, credit and debit cards, as well as EMV chip cards and mobile payments using digital wallets and contactless NFC technology
  • Offer customers convenient, on-demand receipts in paper, SMS text or email format

Improve your customer service and experience

  • Decrease checkout wait times and keep your customers happy with a tablet POS system that they can use right on your store floor or from the table at your restaurant
  • Keep customers happy knowing their cards never leave their sight
  • Integrated gift cards, coupon redemption and loyalty programs to make applying special offers a breeze

Better manage your staff

  • Get new team members up to speed quickly on intuitive POS solutions that are similar to other smartphone and tablet applications they’re already used to using
  • Allow staff to clock in and out right from the POS system—saving the time and hassle of logging in and out of multiple systems just to start their day
  • Pull employee data quickly when it’s time to run payroll and calculate taxes

Keep close tabs on your operations

  • Retrieve data—all stored in the cloud—for easy access to your financials and other information, whether you’re at one of your locations or working remotely
  • Log into the POS application when you’re away from your store or restaurant to make needed adjustments on the fly, such as adding the daily specials or updating a price
  • Run detailed, ad hoc reports that provide you with the data you need to monitor and adjust your operations for maximum efficiency and sales, across multiple locations
  • Easily track all individual employee activity, such as sales or tables served, down to the hour so you can see who’s a star performer and who might need some extra coaching
  • Quickly access your inventory across multiple locations, continually updated in real-time thanks to seamless integration with your checkout process

The investment you make in a POS system today yields far greater returns for your business than the POS systems of the past. Since today’s POS systems enable you to closely monitor and improve almost all aspects of your business, purchasing one is truly an investment in the overall success of your business.

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