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Do You Need a Small Business POS System? Yes!

Chris Allen

hile antique cash registers are quaint, using one increases the pile of work you already have to contend with. If you run a small business, you know you can't punch out after an eight-hour workday. You need the tools necessary to keep your business healthy and growing. That said, a small business point of sale (POS) system can help you better organize and keep track of your stock while quickly performing what once were manual, time-consuming tasks.

If you're still asking yourself if you need a small business POS system, the answer is likely, yes.

Why you need a POS system

Some merchants might consider POS technology nothing more than a souped-up cash register. However, they could be missing the forest for the trees. An integrated POS system doesn't just act as a drawer for cash, it offers an all-in-one solution by tying sales, purchasing, stock and your account books all together, allBusiness noted.1

A retail POS with all these features aligned means checking your inventory is instantaneous, because once you scan a product's barcode and label it a sale, the system automatically deducts it from your available stock. You no longer have to spend long nights counting inventory after you've closed up for the day.

Getting a handle on your stock

Many small businesses pride themselves on their customer service and sometimes knowing what their shoppers want even before customers realize it themselves. But one issue, especially if you're a small retailer, is storage space. How can you know which popular items are low in stock so you can order more inventory as soon as possible? Integrated POS solutions can help solve this problem for you by alerting you when certain items are low in stock and when you should reorder. This means you get better control over the inventory you need, as well as your storage space.

Keeping track of customers

All the data your POS system collects also gives you a better grasp of what's selling and what's not, so you can make better, faster and more informed decisions.

Business 2 Community pointed out the analytic components of a POS system cal also help you keep track of your customers, giving you a better idea of how - and what specific products - to market to them in the future.2

Think of a modern small business POS system as a wearable fitness tracker for your business. Instead of just a cash register, it gives you a clear, real-time picture of your business so you can easily keep track of your store's health. Upon examining the data, you can make adjustments and tweaks so you're always running full-speed ahead.

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