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Why You Need Secure Payments Services

Ray Moorman

When it comes to choosing a payments processor, there’s a lot to consider—not all processors are created equal and they certainly don’t all offer the same depth and breadth of service. No matter your type of business, your transaction volume or your budget, one thing is certain: you need secure payments services. Accept credit cards over a non-secure system and risk being vulnerable to a data breach, which can cost your business thousands of dollars, your customers’ loyalty and your brand reputation too. Read on to learn more about what secure payments services can do for your business.

What secure payments services can do for your business

Secure payments systems not only give you peace-of-mind knowing your data and your customers’ data is secure; they also allow you to offer the latest payments technology to your customers. To take advantage of today’s top payment technology and security, choose a payments processor that allows you to:

  • Accept EMV chip cards on EMV-enabled POS systems
  • Use point-to-point encryption (P2PE) or tokenization technologies to protect sensitive data from swipe to deposit
  • Receive support achieving and maintaining PCI compliance
  • Get protection against chargebacks and other disputed transactions that can cost your business big money
  • Rest assured with breach protection that protects your business from a data breach and safeguards your company against financial losses in the unfortunate even that a breach does occur
  • Promote security and peace-of-mind for your customers by building your brand and processes around the cornerstone of secure payments services – Happy, confident customers are more likely to become repeat customers and to share their successes with your business with their family and friends.

Other payments processor features to consider

Beyond the above list of services that top payment processing providers offer their clients, there are a number of additional services that are worth considering for extra protection and growth potential. Some features of payments processors that you may want to consider include:

  • Fraud tools, such as AVS (Address Verification), CVV (Card Verification Value), geo IP tracking and transaction risk assessment, are particularly helpful for merchants who conduct business online. With the U.S. implementation of EMV, many hackers have been looking to less secure eCommerce sites to hack. Don’t leave your systems open to attack.
  • Deposit times vary by processor and card network, and determine when funds from your customers’ card accounts will be available in your checking account. Make sure you understand these timelines so you aren’t caught low on funds when you need to order inventory or run payroll, for example.
  • Detailed transaction reporting offered via the processor’s web-based platform can help you closely monitor and manage your transactions and accounting. Customizable reports allow you to pivot your data views to quickly see what matters most to you—be it per-employee sales, per-hour sales, best selling item or some other data point.

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