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The Hottest Features of POS Systems for Restaurants in 2016

Chris Allen

Restaurant POS systems have come a long way from just accepting credit and debit cards. Today’s full-featured POS solutions for restaurants allow you to improve staff productivity and communication, deliver a better customer experience and manage your restaurant business from virtually anywhere.

Features that improve staff productivity and communication

  • Detailed tracking of all staff activity. Today’s best POS systems for restaurants allow you to easily track individual server and bartender sales by hour and by item. You’ll be able to quickly see who your best performers are, identify any bottlenecks in your processes and improve staff scheduling in the future.
  • Direct connection between front and back of the house. Restaurant POS systems provide a direct, instant line of communication between your servers and staff and the kitchen, helping to reduce ticket times and decrease order errors.
  • Built-in instant communication. In-app messaging built into the POS allows staff to send messages to other staff that appears as a pop-up on the POS tablet, making quick communication easy even during the most hectic dining hours.
  • Clock in and out from the POS. Your staff can clock in and out from shifts right on the POS system, saving them the hassle of having to log into multiple systems just to start their day. You’ll have easy access to this data so you can quickly run payroll and calculate taxes.

Features that help you deliver a better customer experience

  • Accept payments at the table. Newer tablet-based POS systems allow customers to pay at the table using an EMV card, traditional magnetic swipe card, NFC mobile payments and other mobile payment technology. Servers save time from running back and forth between tables and POS terminals, and customers can get in and out of your restaurant more quickly. Customers also get peace of mind knowing their card or payment device doesn’t leave their sight.
  • Easily split checks and payment methods. Diners and staff alike can easily split and separate checks between, or among, parties, as needed. Modern POS systems allow multiple payment types and formats on a single check.
  • Quick receipts in various formats. Diners can choose to receive a printed copy of their receipt on-demand, or have the receipt sent to them instantaneously via SMS text or email. Customers are happy with fewer paper records to keep and your restaurant will save costs on receipt paper and associated waste.
  • Integrated gift cards and loyalty programs. In-house loyalty programs are built right into POS systems to provide your diners with an easy, seamless payment experience that records and redeems their loyalty points. Diners can redeem gift cards just as easily as they’ll swipe a credit card on your POS system.

Features that allow you to manage your restaurant, wherever life takes you

  • On-demand, ad hoc reporting. Pull detailed reports in real-time, allowing you to continually monitor and adjust your operations. You can pivot your data view by employee, by shift, by day, by time and more. Export these reports to your own storage in various formats, including CSV, EXL and PDF.
  • Data stored in the cloud. Popular POS systems for restaurants use cloud-based storage for data, making it simple and painless for you and other management to access needed data while in the restaurant, at the corporate office or even from home. Retrieve historical data quickly when you need to respond to a disputed transaction.
  • Make updates on-the-fly. Need to make an update to your online or in-house menu while you’re at home? No problem! Simply log into the POS system on your tablet and make the needed adjustments, which will be instantly reflected at your restaurant location.

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