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POS System for Restaurants - 5 Things QSR Owners Need to Know

Chris Allen

Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are some of the fastest growing types of eateries around today—and for good reason. They serve fresh, healthy food with lots of options in a fun, friendly environment that allows customers to get in and out quickly so they can get on with their busy lives.

In the past, POS systems for restaurants seemed to cater to either fine dining establishments or fast food joints. This left the QSR sector to fend for themselves in terms of finding and customizing a POS system that suited their needs. But today, the landscape has changed and there are many POS systems specifically targeted to QSR eateries. Read on for five things QSR owners need to know about the POS systems for restaurants that are on the market today.

POS systems help grow your business

POS systems for QSRs can be customized to your QSR operation, so you don’t have to wade through the features that are meant for different types of restaurants or businesses. Access on-demand reporting to better understand what your best-selling items and busiest hours of the day are. Having continual access to this information will allow you to better manage your inventory, ordering and staff scheduling.

POS systems help reduce customer wait time

Today’s tablet-based POS systems can help reduce your customer wait time and ticket time since they don’t have to be permanently affixed to one location. The tablet can be moved down the line with your customer to help your staff serve them more quickly and more effectively.

POS systems allow diners to pay how they want to pay

POS systems for QSRs are more flexible than ever, allowing your diners to pay how they want to pay. This flexibility includes the ability to accept all the most popular forms of payment—including traditional credit and debit, EMV chip cards, mobile payments and NFC payment—as well as the ability to split checks and accept multiple payment types for a single ticket. Plus, after payment is made, your customers can choose whether they’d like a paper receipt or to have it sent to them instantly via SMS text message or email. More and more consumers are opting for digital receipts, which saves paper costs and waste for restaurants and diners alike.

POS systems help you manage staffing more effectively

Modern POS systems for QSRs do much more than just ring up orders. These easy-to-use, intuitive systems are similar to most other smartphone and tablet applications, enabling new staff members to get up to speed in no time. Allow your staff to clock in and out right on the POS—saving them the extra steps of logging into another system—and then quickly access this data when it’s time to run payroll and calculate taxes. Plus, you can pull reporting that shows you in detail how each of your staff members are doing and which ones might be lagging behind. Use this data to beef up your training in certain areas or to coach team members that need some extra guidance.

POS systems come with great customer support

Once your new POS system is up and running, then the vendor’s job is done, right? Wrong. An important part of a great POS experience is the customer support to match. Live customer service should be available all hours that your QSR is doing business—preferably 24/7—in the unfortunate event that your system goes down. Also, be vocal during your onboarding and setup process to help your vendor your POS system customized to best meet your needs.

The best quick service restaurant POS systems come with great customer service and support that helps to keep your business on track for years to come. What’s more, the best POS vendors are continuing making improvements in their products to make your life easier. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need and let them know what isn’t working for you. Don’t like what your POS offers? Need something more? Tell your vendor and they may consider adding it to a future product or software release.

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