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Understand How an Integrated Point of Sale System Can Streamline Your Business Operations

Chris Allen

Accepting cash and checks alone doesn't cut it in the marketplace today. If you're a merchant, you likely already know this. However, if your point of sale system isn't integrated, you're not deriving the full capabilities and benefits from it. With all the ways customers wish to pay from paper money to credit cards and mobile wallet apps on their phones, a small business must accommodate all types of payments if it wants to operate effectively and efficiently.

An integrated point-of-sale (POS) system helps merchants complete sales with ease and keep track of stock all in one.

Here is how a unified POS can streamline your business operations and empower your enterprise:

Payment possibilities
Putting an integrated POS in place means you have the capability to process non-traditional transactions, such as mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. On top of that, some unified systems can also offer the added flexibility of accepting online coupons from Groupon and similar companies.1

All these differing types of payments easily go through the same system, making your register much more versatile. However, an integrated POS isn't just an advanced cash register, it's a comprehensive system that takes the payment and accounts for that transaction's effect on your current stock.

Streamlined supply
Having a unified POS essentially means your whole commerce and payment processing system talks to itself and functions as one collective whole. Therefore, once a customer makes a purchase, the POS will subtract that particular item from the stock you have available.2 A fully-integrated system also gives you the power to program it so you receive alerts when your supply runs low. Plus, if you enable the option, many POS systems can automatically reorder items for you so your shelves and stockroom are never empty.

As a small-business owner, an integrated system consolidates a lot of the usual everyday tasks many entrepreneurs had to do just a few years ago, such as manually counting stock levels. A unified POS gives you better control over the supply and demand process without having to complete time-consuming paperwork or stock checks.

Brick-and-mortar and online sales sync
Not all enterprises can get by solely on the sales from their physical locations. However, siloing your brick-and-mortar sales and operations from your online ones can cause confusion. Using a unified POS makes the consolidation process between your online and offline business easy to manage.

This way, you can simply operate as one shop instead of dealing with separate entities.

Better customer knowledge
Besides tracking stock and sales figures, an integrated POS that makes use of data can give you the power to know your customers better.

If your POS system has customer relationship management capabilities, it can make note of what your patrons like or dislike and find patterns in their purchasing habits. This information empowers your business by indicating which customers are potentially receptive to your marketing campaigns. Small-business owners pride themselves on knowing their regulars' names and tastes, but if your enterprise is relatively busy, you can't stop every time to take note of each item your patrons are purchasing. Unifying your POS with a CRM can do the guesswork for you so you can keep every customer who enters your establishment happy.

A system such as this also stores your patrons' contact information so you know where to mail or email any coupons, offers or announcements. Put simply, integrated POS solutions give you greater control over your business so you can see a broader picture of how your enterprise operates.

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