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Eliminate the Wait – 3 Line Skipping Technology Tools

By Nick Nayfack

Let's face it: the "Q" in QSR (quick!) is really important to your customers. Even if they're dining in with you, they want their order fast. As a business owner, there's nothing worse than watching potential customers walk in, look at the line, and leave.

But what if your restaurant had the reputation of being very fast? People would walk in, see a long line, and understand that you're able to clear the line better than most. You're happy, and your customers are happy. Today's technology continues to offer business owners more and more tools to clear the line and serve more customers.

Here are a few of the new tools you can take advantage, starting now!

Online Ordering and Payment

Many POS systems will now accept online orders and payments, allowing customers to go to your website, order, complete their payment and simply pick up their order when they arrive. Typically, online orders have a separate area, allowing those customers to completely bypass a peak-time line. In addition, your customers don’t feel the pressure of a long line behind them, so they can consider more items and maybe try something new.

Not only are only orders good for the customer, they make things easier on your staff as well. The order is pre-entered, which reduces the chances of an entry error by an employee when they’re in a noisy environment and trying to move as quickly as possible.

Mobile Ordering and Payment

Offering most if not all of the same advantages of online ordering, mobile ordering and payment processing allows customers to interact with your advanced system from their car, when walking by, or as they approach your restaurant. Some customers may also choose to use a mobile ordering option when they walk in and see a long line — rather than just leaving, many customers may choose to use the mobile option and “cut” to the pick-up line.

New Payment Options 

Even though they’ve been our primary means of payment for a generation now, credit cards are not as efficient as some of the new systems when it comes to speed. While they’re certainly faster to use than checks or even cash, they do require extra steps that some new payment systems don’t. Think about it this way: if you serve 100 meals during the lunch rush and can save just 45 seconds on each order, that’s an hour and fifteen minutes of savings!

Many new payment systems — including Google Wallet™ and Apple Pay™ — allow customers to pay just by tapping their mobile phone to a countertop kiosk. That means your employees don’t have to wait for customers to get out their wallet or purse, select the right card and then wait for a receipt. It all just happens on the mobile device!

And, what are most of your customers looking at while they wait in line? Their phone! So, it’s already out and ready to use.

If you have long lines at key times of the day, you should be proud of the crowds you’re attracting. However, anything you can do to reduce those lines is good for your customers and your business!


*Google Wallet and Apple Pay are registered or unregistered marks belonging to one or more unaffiliated third parties that do not endorse or sponsor Vantiv Integrated Payments, LLC.

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