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What You Need for Non Profit Credit Card Processing

Chris Allen

Years ago donors were happy to make donations to non profit organizations by check or even cash. These days, however, donors expect to be able to make donations using a wider variety of payment types, including credit or debit cards, EMV chip cards and even mobile payment technologies. Allowing your donors to give money to your organization in the payment format of their choice will lead to more income for your cause and a loyal base of supporters.

Why should my non profit accept credit cards?

Accepting credit cards for your non profit is easier than ever—whether you want to accept payments in person, online or a combination of both. Here are some benefits for your organization and your donors:

  • Run credit and debit cards, EMV chip cards, mobile payments and other NFC technologies in person
  • Accept all of the above payment types plus ACH transfer via a secure online portal—directly connected to your non profit’s website and social media accounts
  • Payments security via encryption, tokenization and other technologies protect your donors’ sensitive data throughout the transaction
  • Speedy funding to your bank account of choice to keep your projects rolling along smoothly
  • Tablet-based POS application that’s easy to learn for your volunteers and workers—plus easy to transport anywhere your mission takes you
  • Securely store payments data for future transactions in the case of referring gifts, such as for donors who give a monthly or quarterly gift
  • Send receipt to donors immediately via SMS text message or email so they have it on hand for their records and tax deduction purposes
  • Robust reporting helps you quickly identify your most generous supporters, highest donation times of the year and much more
  • Integrated accounting system simplifies your record-keeping and makes year-end easier when giving statements and summaries are all in a single place

How do I get started accepting credit cards?

It's important that you partner with a credit card processing company that’s experienced with non profits--since your needs are different from traditional merchants like retail stores or restaurants. Choosing a payments processor with experience in the realm of non profits will help you get ramped up more quickly and with the right software and hardware for your needs. Also, make sure you understand the fees and charges you’ll be assessed for accepting credit cards, so you don't get stuck with any surprises when your invoice arrives. Various payment processing providers assess different fees in a variety of ways; some fees to understand before signing your contract include setup, activation, per-transaction, interchange and early termination.

Don’t make the mistake of limiting your potential donor base to only those people who pay with a check. Instead, expand your payments acceptance options to bring in more money for your cause.

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