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How Mobile Point of Sale Can Speed Up Your Checkout Line During the Holiday Rush

Chris Allen

Retailers know the holidays are an important time of year for their businesses, but they may not be aware of the impact of adopting new payment processing tools. Mobile point of sale can help retailers break up lines and reduce wait time during this crucial point in the season. It's important to prepare for the rush while there's still time.

Sales in November and December are expected to increase 3.7 percent, reaching a total of $630.5 billion. This will represent 19 percent of the retail industry's annual sales (1). However, potential revenue isn't the only consideration. Using mobile point of sale, retailers can make sure they make a positive impact on shoppers and turn them into long-term customers.

How it works 
Using a handheld mobile point of sale device, staff in retail environments can process payments for products throughout the store, not just at the cash register. As soon as customers have made their selections and are ready to buy, they can approach a staff member, check out, and leave with their purchases. The greatest benefit of this solution is that it allows businesses to serve customers more quickly. This also gives customers a more positive experience and increases the likelihood they will return.

Retailers can either pair this solution with traditional cash registers or have all their staff operate mobile point of sale systems. During the holidays, businesses may want to have extra staff on hand to handle the additional traffic. These extra staff members would be good candidates for line-busting.

Education and engagement 
Speed is a great reason to use mobile point of sale solutions, but there are additional benefits as well. Using a mobile point of sale creates a one-to-one interaction between customer and sales associates that gives employees a chance to educate customers on products. This type of interaction makes a difference in sales. Forty percent of shoppers report that a good experience with a store employee makes a greater impact on their purchase decision than information on the website (2).

Implement NFC payments 
While not necessarily a mobile point of sale, adopting NFC-enabled payment processing technology can also help speed up lines. Contactless payments move more quickly than dip or swipe methods. It's still rare to see NFC payments at retailers, so implementing contactless payment processing tools could put you ahead of the curve. Just make sure to install signage drawing attention to the fact that you are able to process NFC payments and encourage this method to move the line faster.

Key considerations 
Without the right credit card processing equipment, line-busting techniques may frustrate consumers rather than help them. Make sure you invest in high-quality mobile point of sale solutions so you can continue to easily accommodate customers.

It's also important to train staff adequately. If sales associates on the floor aren't comfortable using their devices to process payments, the line-busting solutions won't be as effective. In addition to staff training on payment processing tools, make sure they are well-informed on the breadth of products your store offers so they can use the opportunity to educate customers and even recommend relevant products.

The holidays are a critical time of year for most retailers. Without the right planning and tools in place, long wait times will impact customer experience. Implement mobile point of sale solutions to keep lines moving quickly.

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