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Mobile Payments Takes off with Local Pizza Chain

By Nick Nayfack

Cory Kitch opened Homeslice Pizza in Durango, Colo., 13 years ago and it has grown into a popular stop for college students attending nearby Fort Lewis College. Now with two locations in town, Cory and his business partner, Erin McCahill, are looking for ways to get customers in the door and grow customer loyalty, without cannibalizing either store’s business.

Homeslice recently implemented the Mercury StoreCard™—a gift, reward, mobile payments and promotions card all-in-one and available to all Vantiv Integrated Payments merchants. Customers (or their parents, in the case of a college student) can preload the cards with money and they can be used either as a card transaction, or paid via mobile phone any time a customer comes back to one of the stores.

The Mercury StoreCard technology seamlessly integrates into already existing point-of-sale systems and allows merchants like Cory and Erin to brand their own reloadable card to accept customer payments. Cardholders can then use a quick-response (QR) code® on the back of the card to access their prepaid card account on their smartphone. However, customers do not need the physical card to pay for purchases as long as they have converted their StoreCard into a digital card. Merchants are also able to offer cash-back rewards thus increasing the likelihood of repeat customers. When customers see that they have cash to spend, they are more likely to go to Homeslice Pizza for lunch or dinner.

“First, I thought it was going to be difficult, but actually, I learned how to do it myself quickly,” said Erin. “Training my staff has been super easy…everyone says, ‘OK, we can do this.”

The owners of Homeslice Pizza understands that they are a small company but the Mercury StoreCard allows them to compete on a larger level, which gives them a huge advantage in a time when the average consumer is looking for a unique customer experience.

“It’s so easy and it’s quick. It’s just boom, scan it and it’s done, on to the next person. It makes our life a lot easier, makes everyone’s life a lot easier, and helps us sale more pizza,” Cory said of the Mercury StoreCard. “I can see where all this can go and it’s pretty cool.”

To learn more about Homeslice Pizza’s use of the Mercury StoreCard, you can visit its video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1B-iuZflHsI

* QR code is a registered trademark belonging to Denso Wave Incorporated, an unaffiliated third party that does not endorse or sponsor Vantiv Integrated Payments, LLC.

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