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Top Mobile Marketing Tips You Can Use in the New Year

Chris Allen

Mobile marketing is now crucial for businesses, and not just throughout the holiday season. Companies that aren't thinking about mobile may already be falling behind.

According to a recent study from Dynatrace, more than 40 percent of all adults and 60 percent of millennials who use smartphones will do more shopping on their devices this year. Moreover, 62 percent of millennials with smartphones use their mobile devices while shopping in physical stores.(1)

Mobile devices aren't going anywhere, and this technology has changed the shopping experience forever.

Be mobile-friendly
A responsive website is a must these days. Most mobile shoppers will bounce quickly from a website that isn't optimized for smaller screens. More than half of millennials will complain on social media if their online shopping experience doesn't go well, according to Dynatrace. In fact, a mobile-friendly website is so important that Google recently updated its algorithm to take it into account. Sites that aren't optimized for small screens are now penalized in mobile search. If you want mobile searchers to find your business, it's important to make your site responsive.

Understand local search
In addition to a mobile-friendly website, companies need to consider how customers use mobile to find what they're looking for. Google found that 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to look for local information.(2) Moreover, when consumers search on mobile devices, they are very likely to visit a store in the near future. Half of consumers who searched on a smartphone visited a store within a day of the initial search. Because mobile searchers are ready to visit, make sure you include all the information these shoppers need to find you.

Develop an app
If you have an ecommerce presence, it's likely customers will visit your online store using their devices. To really entice mobile shoppers, you may want to consider developing an app. Customers generally prefer shopping via an app to visiting a mobile site. Shopping apps are the fastest-growing category of mobile apps, increasing 174 percent in 2014.(3) Apps provide a truly native mobile experience that makes shopping seamless. Once customers set up the app, they can make purchases with just a few clicks.

Make your store mobile-friendly
Mobile devices have become a fundamental part of the way consumers shop. Customers will take out their smartphone to look up a product in the store, whether it's to compare prices or to learn more about it. Rather than combating this trend, stores can embrace it. Offer free Wi-Fi to visitors so they can easily use their devices. Another idea is to provide QR codes near displays to provide a quick way for shoppers to learn more about a specific product.

Try beacons
Beacons are another way to digitize the in-store experience. When stores set up beacons on their premises, they can communicate with opted-in customers through push notifications. Stores can use these in a number of different ways. They can send promotions to specific customers based on their interests, increasing the likelihood of making a sale. The beacon app might also show a customer an item he or she was looking at online, giving the shopper an opportunity to pick it up right in that location.

Use social media
Many consumers who use social networks visit via their mobile devices rather than desktop computers. A simple mobile marketing strategy is to amp up your presence on Twitter and Facebook to get in touch with mobile users. Use promoted posts to reach new audiences on these social platforms and encourage new customers to visit or follow you online.

Utilize mobile-friendly email
When implementing a mobile marketing strategy, it's important not to overlook email. Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers, and it's often customers' preferred method of communicating with brands. However, if you don't use responsive email for small screens, you won't get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Include loyalty programs
Mobile payments are opening up a new world for mobile marketing. App-based loyalty programs not only allow customers to make payments using their devices, but also receive messages from brands. Reward loyal customers with points delivered directly to their smartphones.

Embrace multi-channel
Mobile marketing doesn't just comprise one channel; it needs to be combined seamlessly with email, social and other methods. For instance, be sure to promote your app and loyalty program on other channels you use to stay in touch with your customer base.

Companies need to embrace mobile marketing now. Doing so will help them win new customers and make more sales. Brands should think mobile-first and begin to devise strategies to take them into the new year.

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