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Secure Merchant Credit Card Processing for Contractors

Ray Moorman

If you’re a contractor, you may not have considered accepting credit card payments from your clients—but you probably should. Accepting credit and debit card payments benefits your business by reducing the number of outstanding invoices at any given time, and your clients will appreciate the convenience of being able to pay for your services with their payment method of choice. Grow your business and appeal to younger, tech-savvy customers who are used to paying for all their purchases using a credit card.

Benefits of a merchant account for contractors

When you partner with a payments processor, you will get paid more quickly and be able to accept the range of payment options that today’s consumers expect. Here’s how merchant credit card processing can benefit your business:

  • Accept credit, debit, digital wallet or NFC payments from your customers at their home or job site
  • Accept credit, debit or ACH payments from your customers via a secure online portal
  • Use smartphone- or tablet-based POS payments systems, which work wherever you have a WiFi or cellular data connection
  • Enable encryption and tokenization technologies that protect sensitive data throughout the full life cycle of the transaction
  • Access data quickly and remotely since it’s stored in the cloud, reducing the data storage and security burdens for your in-house systems
  • Easily process credit and refunds, as needed, using the same POS system
  • Integrate with QuickBooks or other accounting software of your choice to simplify bookkeeping
  • Access custom reporting for speedy review of outstanding invoices and business trends
  • Capture and store valuable customer data for future promotions or purchases
  • No need to transport or store paper checks, money orders or cash between locations

Choose a payments processor that has a proven track record in the industry as a reliable, secure processor. It’s also helpful to choose a processor that has experience processing payments for contractors and builders, since they understand the unique processes and challenges that your business may face.

Benefits of using an electronic payment method for customers

Your customers will also appreciate the convenience and ease of electronic payment processing. Here are just some of the reasons that they’ll enjoy your secure processing:

  • Use their preferred payment method for your work—whether it’s a debit card, credit card, digital wallet, NFC technology or ACH transfer
  • Pay for your services on the spot as soon as work is complete, so they won’t have to bother with remembering to mail in a paper check later
  • Receive their invoice via email and pay with a credit card, debit card or ACH transfer via a secure online portal that protects their sensitive data
  • No additional fee for clients to pay using the electronic payments method of their choice

Accepting credit cards for your contractor business will help boost your income through quicker customer payments, as well as reduce time spent on back-office tasks like invoicing and reporting. Your customers will appreciate being able to pay using whatever payment method they choose—and they’ll reward you by being loyal customers and sharing their positive experience with friends and family.

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