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Simply Stated: How to Accept Credit Cards with Visa Checkout

Chris Allen

Companies looking to make the payment process easier for their customers are being introduced to one of the newest contactless - or card not present - methods. Visa Checkout enables online customers to quickly and easily make a purchase with their smartphone or via their computer. This technology can be important for eCommerce businesses looking for different ways to implement digital payments. Here are three steps that demonstrate how to accept credit cards online on Visa Checkout:

1. Create an Online Account

Similar to PayPal, Visa Checkout requires users to set up a digital profile. Consumers then enter their credit or debit card information to be kept on file for easy access.1 With this application, customers can use mobile devices or personal computers to make almost instantaneous purchases. Businesses that use Visa Checkout on their eCommerce sites should make clients aware that this method is an easy payment option.

2. Implement the Software

Add Visa Checkout to your payment processing offerings. Consumers can load and use any credit or debit card, it doesn't have to be a Visa. Once the program has been implemented, your customers can select the option as their preferred method of payment. You can work with a third-party vendor to develop this program for your eCommerce site if you do not have your own development team.

3. Enter Username and Password

Since Visa Checkout saves customers credit or debit card information, as well as shipping address, there is very little for consumers to do when paying. They simply click on the program's icon and enter their unique username and password. The feature allows them to review their order and total cost before finalizing the transaction with a final click of a button. The fact that Visa Checkout can be fully integrated into a merchant's website checkout experience for no cost is one of the primary benefits of the technology.2

Reap the Rewards

Merchants can gain a lot from introducing Visa Checkout to their eCommerce payment pages. Having more purchasing options can increase customer satisfaction and profits. In fact, Visa reports that customers who use their program have a 66 percent higher conversion rate than regular consumers.3 Today, 225,000 small and large businesses and about 340 financial institutions are using the feature.4

Easy to integrate - requiring only minimal code changes - Visa also boasts of Checkout's ability to reduce fraud. This results from the program's advanced fingerprinting and step-up authentication, both practices that make it more difficult for fraudsters to gain sensitive information from consumers.

Visa Checkout is becoming increasingly popular in the eCommerce market today, as more merchants implement the program due to its focus on efficiency and security. By introducing the technology to their online payment pages, online businesses can improve their conversions and overall customer happiness.

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