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payment technologies for restaurants

How Payment Technology Can Improve Overall Customer Experience

By Nick Nayfack

When it comes to dining out, great service trumps great food every time. Nine out of ten consumers say good service is a key attribute for choosing a restaurant.(1) But knowledgeable and friendly servers aren’t the only factor in a restaurant’s success. Research indicates that technology plays an important role, too.  From mobile applications to POS tablets, an estimated 85 percent of purchases will be influenced by some sort of digital experience in 2015.(2)

According to Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of Research and Knowledge for the National Restaurant Association (NRA), technology can add convenience and efficiency to the customer experience, and help restaurant operators be more productive. NRA research shows that three in five adults use restaurant-related technology options, from looking up restaurant locations and directions on their smartphone or tablet, to viewing menus, making reservations and placing orders.  When it comes to payments, one in four of all consumers say they would use a smartphone payment option.(3)

With the ability to offer a more personalized experience and increase customer convenience, new payment technologies are becoming more popular. Table service restaurants like Bratta’s Piano Bar & Ristorante in Fort Meyers, Florida, and Crosstown Pub & Grill in Naperville, Illinois, have embraced tablet POS technology to facilitate mobile ordering and checkout.

“The bottom line is all about customer service these days,” says Bratta’s owner Michael Bratta, who notes that the restaurant’s tablet POS technology simplifies servers’ tasks, giving them more time to engage with customers.

“The customer experience is very fickle,” says Crosstown owner Jim Nichols, Sr. “If it takes thirty minutes to eat, they’re not going to want to come back.” An integrated mobile ordering and payment solution helped Crosstown shave off seven minutes of wait time and significantly increase table-turns.

Onsite dining operator CulinArt Group has found success implementing mobile payments solutions on an even bigger level.

“Many of our locations are large-scale, technology oriented businesses serving hundreds or thousands of people,” says Said Moustakim, Senior Director, Information Technology and Services for CulinArt. With only 30 minutes to eat, mobile payments keep checkout lines moving.

If you are not sure about which technology options are right for your restaurant, contact Vantiv Integrated Payments . We can help you find the right solution, and connect you with a service provider that can implement and support the one you choose.

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