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3 Tips to Sourcing the Perfect eCommerce Merchant Account

Chris Allen

Whether you’ve been doing business online for years or you’re looking to open an online business for the first time, the many options out there for your eCommerce merchant account can be overwhelming. Use these three tips to help narrow down your options in the selection process.

Choose a provider that is committed to securing your business and your data.

When you do business online, making sure your systems and data are secure is one of your top priorities. When you’re looking for the perfect eCommerce merchant account provider, make sure you select one that is committed to data and systems security—both now and ongoing for the future. Features such as tokenization obscure sensitive data in transmit to make it useless to would-be fraudsters. A top-notch eCommerce merchant account provider will help your business achieve and maintain PCI compliance, a requirement for all businesses that handle sensitive financial data.

Making sure your data is secure doesn’t just give you peace-of-mind—it will also give your business a boost due to customer loyalty. Today’s consumers are often hyper-vigilant of fraud and data breaches, and truly appreciate doing business with merchants that are committed to keeping their data safe.

Choose a provider that understands your industry.

Seek to choose an eCommerce merchant account provider that understands and has experience in your industry. Whether you sell clothing, offer online consulting services or something totally different, choosing a payments processor that understands your industry will help you get up and running accepting payments online more quickly and efficiently. A processor with experience in your industry can also help you anticipate trends and challenges that may be coming down the pike at your business, so you can work together to be proactive and keep your payments engine humming along smoothly.

Choose a provider that is invested in your future growth and success.

Choose a forward-thinking payment processing provider that continually keeps abreast of payments industry trends, as well as the latest happenings in your space and in the realm of eCommerce. Choosing a partner that understands eCommerce is important because of the unique challenges that online retailers and service providers face. For example, eCommerce merchants usually see a higher incidence of fraud and disputed transactions than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. Choose a merchant account provider that helps you stay two steps ahead of fraudsters by providing you with alerts on compromised cards or recent fraud patterns that are relevant to your business.

Choosing an eCommerce merchant account partner that always keeps security top-of-mind, understands your industry and is invested in your future growth and success will go a long way in securing a promising future for your online business.

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