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3 Ecommerce Trends Affecting Restaurants in 2015

By Lori Stafford-Thomas

Restaurants are known as places to go eat, but until now, the impact technology can have on a dining experience hasn't been realized. According to The National Restaurant Association™, 25 percent of consumers say technology options are important aspects that factor into their decision on which restaurant to choose, up from one-fifth of respondents who said the same thing last year. Technology in the restaurant industry is impacting how customers choose where they eat, but also what to eat and how to order it. (1).

Listed below are three ecommerce trends that will affect restaurants this year:

  1. Mobile payments: Smartphone adoption among consumers isn't quite ubiquitous yet, but a growing majority of everyday customers now uses portable devices every day. That said, the same consumers are accessing ecommerce and mobile websites like never before, or platforms where they can make purchases. The restaurant industry is in a similar situation. Mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites are becoming a popular trend in the foodservice industry because they give customers the option to place an order wherever they are. Restaurants now offer more flexibility in where consumers can order their food.
  2. Point of sale upgrades: Point of sale solutions in the restaurant industry are a quickly maturing component of operations. As mobile technology continues to evolve, so too do POS systems. Mobile point-of-sale solutions are becoming a mainstay in the industry. The primary business driver influencing restaurant POS upgrades this year was enabling new payment options, with 56 percent of a recent Hospitality Technology™ study saying adding things like e-wallets, mobile contactless payments and other alternative payments were a top priority. Ecommerce alternative payments are making their way into the restaurant industry as well (2). Even tablet-based POS systems are being placed onto restaurant tables, as seen at Chili's® locations across the nation (3).
  3. Quicker and easier delivery: Until the advent of the smartphone, consumers would have to call businesses and order takeout or delivery items. While that's certainly not the worst thing in the world, it's important to note the method in which consumers order fast food and takeout has dramatically changed. Consumers can now use mobile devices to search, call and place an order, all in one sitting. The proliferation of ecommerce has definitely contributed to that, but in terms of order and delivery, online retail is changing the takeout aspect of the restaurant business dramatically. Companies like GrubHubTM partner with local restaurants and offer an order and delivery service for them. On one hand, restaurants get to add to their bottom line, and on the other, these mobile app companies get to provide a valuable service and help restaurants better connect with their clientele. Restaurant delivery is going mobile thanks in part to already established e-commerce and digital technology.

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Chili's®, GrubHub™, National Restaurant Association™, and Hospitality Technology™ are registered or unregistered marks belonging to their respective owners who are unaffiliated with and do not endorse or sponsor Vantiv Integrated Payments, LLC.


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