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Crosstown Pub and Grill Partners with Vantiv Integrated Payments
and Goes Mobile to Improve the Customer Experience

By Chris Allen

Crosstown Pub and Grill is a successful restaurant located in Naperville, Illinois with a focus on gourmet, farm-fresh food. James Nichols, Sr., the owner and chef, decided to work with Vantiv Integrated Payments® for payment processing and to incorporate multiple mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems into his restaurant to decrease wait times and improve the customer experience. Recently, the company incorporated the TouchBistro iPad® POS™ solution specifically designed for restaurants.

Why Mobile?

“With the size of the business and the amount of volume we've been doing, and the amount of customers that we see come in, we had to make a decision, because having one terminal - a typical POS, old terminal - where you take your order by an archaic method, was not working. Using a mobile method enables our team to make changes on the fly, and then be able to prioritize specific parts of the order—appetizers and drinks first, etc. It's also very easy to change the order to accommodate a customer when they change their minds. This is the future of ordering,” said James Nichols, owner and chef of Crosstown Pub and Grill.

Reduced Wait-Time

By incorporating the mobile POS system, Crosstown Pub and Grill has been able to reduce more than seven minutes of wait time on the time it takes to complete an order. During their highest periods of service, Crosstown is now able to turn over 176 more tables which equates to roughly $2,000 more per night. Customers can be in and out in fifteen minutes, if that’s what they want. The speed of service has improved customer retention as customers can now enjoy a great atmosphere combined with fast service.

Payment Processing Made Easy

“What I love about being able to use Vantiv Integrated Payments is that we can go online, and we can look at all kinds of data. For instance, we can track the time that a card has been swiped, and the time that the transaction is completed. And you're talking seconds, not minutes,” said Nichols.

Using efficient technology and choosing the right partners in the restaurant business are crucial components for success. Vantiv Integrated Payments is a trusted payments expert and is known for its outstanding customer service. Vantiv Integrated Payments merchants have access to customer support 24/7. By implementing the mobile TouchBistro POS system and working with Vantiv Integrated Payments for easy and seamless payment processing, Crosstown Pub and Grill is on the fast track to bring in even more business and to continue enhancing the customer experience.

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