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Avoid Paying Credit Card Payment Gateway Fees with an Integrated Solution

Brant Schelhaas

When it comes to payment processing, the difference between using an integrated solution and a credit card payment gateway can make a big impact on your bottom line. But many merchants do not understand the advantages of an integrated payment processing solution and are unfamiliar with the concept of gateways. Let’s take a closer look.

What is a credit card payment gateway?

A credit card payment gateway is an interface that connects a credit card processing service to a merchant’s POS system or terminal. Gateways are typically used when a direct connection to the processor is not possible. In addition to the regular transaction fees charged by the payment processor, merchants pay additional fees for using a credit card payment gateway, and may need to purchase extra software or hardware to facilitate compatibility.

What is an integrated payment solution?

An integrated payment solution has the ability to connect directly to the payment processor. Transactions are sent directly from the POS to the payment processor, eliminating the need for a credit card payment gateway. The most obvious benefit of using an integrated solution is that it eliminates the need for a gateway solution and the associated fees and equipment. But the advantages don’t stop there.

What are the benefits of an integrated payment solution?

Not only does an integrated system eliminate the need for a credit card payment gateway, it helps streamline operations, consolidate data, and improve customer service and access to support.

Streamline operations

An integrated payment solution enables merchants to synthesize various systems such as customer relationship management and accounting software, with payment processing. Without an integrated system, a sale must be entered in the POS and swiped through the payments terminal, creating two separate sales slips and two different daily sales totals. Integrated payment processing streamlines operations by eliminating duplicate accounting effort.

Centralize transaction data

When the payment function of a POS or terminal is separate from the other programs like accounting software and inventory controls, it limits the advantages a POS solution offers. Merchants using an integrated POS system can take advantage of advanced transaction reporting features and automated processes that help reduce common human errors.

Improve customer service

Entering the purchase once into one system reduces the customer’s checkout time. One transaction at the POS is more than twice as fast as transactions at both the terminal and POS. Faster transactions shorten lines and keep customers happy. Additionally, many integrated POS solutions offer gift card and loyalty solutions that merchants can use to retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

Access timely support

With an integrated payments solution, merchants have a single point of contact for POS support issues. One-stop customer service and technical support stops time-consuming finger pointing at the “other guy” to solve payment processing related issues. There are few things more valuable to a busy merchant than instant access to help when processing problems get in the way of customer service and sales.

Credit card payment gateways add additional cost, make customer support more difficult and can limit the functionality of a POS system. Conversely, an integrated system can improve profitability, reduce accounting errors that take time and money to resolve, eliminate the need for extra equipment, and offer a single point of contact for support. Integrated payments are a smart way for businesses to streamline operations and avoid the additional costs associated with credit card payment gateways. 

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