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How POS Credit Card Processing Can Help Your Restaurants' Customer Service

Chris Allen

POS credit card processing is a necessity in the restaurant industry nowadays, but these systems do far more than simply accept payments. Restaurant POS platforms also contain numerous functions that can help restaurant owners improve customer service and increase loyalty. Here are a few ways POS credit card processing improves customer service: 

More payment options
Customers want to be able to pay for their meal in a way that's convenient for them. Credit and debit cards are one thing, but is your POS system capable of accepting ApplePay, Google Wallet or PayPal? Early adopters of mobile payments already expect to be able to use the new features on their smartphones. Being able to accept these forms of payment puts local restaurants on par with national competitors. At the end of the day, the more options restaurants have available, the happier customers will be.

Improve lines
At a quick-service or fast-food restaurant, customers often have to wait in long lines before they can even place an order for their meals. For a hungry patron, there's nothing worse than a slow-moving line. With a mobile POS solution, staff can move out from behind the counter and begin to take orders from customers still waiting in line (1). This way, orders can move to the kitchen more quickly, decreasing wait time and giving customers confidence their meal is on its way.

Customer loyalty
It's easier to maintain current customers than to gain new ones (2). When restaurant owners demonstrate appreciation for patrons, these customers are more likely to come back. POS payment processing machines can also be used to implement customer rewards programs. For instance, you can offer cash back rewards for frequent restaurant visitors, which will encourage customers to use the cash back they have earned on future visits.

Help staff move more quickly
Often when customers stop by a restaurant, they are on their way somewhere else. Maybe they are hoping to catch a showing of the latest blockbuster film at the nearby multiplex. If you can't get them out of there in time to make that screening, you may have just lost a customer for good. Pay-at-table technology can help you move more quickly and make sure customers feel like you're paying attention to their needs.

Streamline back of house operations
Restaurant POS systems don't just process credit cards. They also help restaurant owners manage a number of back-of-house operations, such as inventory and scheduling. If these tasks aren't optimized, customer service will suffer. For instance, the right POS system will allow you to quickly update menu items so servers can move more quickly. Maintaining accurate inventory data ensures servers have everything they need to make the dining experience pleasant for patrons.

The ability to process credit card payments is just one task modern restaurant POS systems perform. These platforms also enable customer reward programs, more efficient service and additional payment capabilities. All these features combine to make a better experience for customers.

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2. http://www.contactme.com/blog/advice/why-its-easier-to-retain-current-customers-than-acquire-new-ones/ 

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