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Three ways to Improve customer service at the POS in restaurants

Improving customer service can have a dramatically positive impact on a restaurant's bottom-line revenue. The happier customers are, the more likely they are to return to the same establishment in hopes of recreating a past dining experience. Since eating is a comprehensive sensory experience, the sights, sounds, smells and interactions are all critical aspects.

Restaurant owners need to focus their attention on all aspects of the business to give their customers the best experience they can. Part of the entire experience is providing quality service, and an integral aspect of proper customer care is predicated on the transaction. Customers are impatient once they've finished their meals; they want to wrap up the dining experience and head home. Thanks in part to new payment processing technology, restaurants can better serve their consumers at the point of sale.

In fact, according to Hospitality Technology™, the largest portion of hospitality IT budgets - 33 percent - were used for investments in point-of-sale systems. Clearly, restaurants are beginning to realize the impact of mPOS in their entire operation.

Here are three ways dining establishments can serve their customers better at the point of sale:

  1. Customer-facing capabilities: The point of sale is where companies charge the customer for his or her meal. That said, it's critical for these businesses to provide the best and most convenient experience possible for their clients. The key is speed and ease of use; if the former and latter qualities don't exist in an mPOS system, a restaurant isn't investing their money in the right technology. An interactive display can help create potential upsell opportunities and suggest certain products based on what the diner is ordering.    
  2. Break up those long lines: No diner in his or her right mind wants to wait in line to order food, especially when they're hungry. A starving consumer who has to linger will likely turn into an upset customer. Restaurants can avoid this by deploying mPOS systems that they use to take diners' orders while they're waiting in line, expediting the entire waiting process. Transactions are processed more quickly and patrons are happier they don't have to wait in line.
  3. Data is the key: In today's information age, business success is heavily predicated on getting to know the customer and their buying habits. A more personal relationship with the buyer can pay dividends, so investing in the right network infrastructure and credit card processing system can dramatically enhance customer service. Improved client care can, in turn, bolster bottom-line revenue in the form of higher customer retention. Mobile point-of-sale systems are well-known for their ability to gather data and robust back-end reporting that provides quality insight into customer buying habits and recent orders.

Restaurants can dramatically improve customer service through mPOS systems. Once their client care has increased, their bottom line will likely grow and customer retention will increase. 

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