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Season Opener with the Royals

A Vault Experience To Remember

Partner: POS of Kansas
Channel Manager: Mike Ferguson
Vault Experience: Box Seats at Royals v. Mets Season Opener
Reason for Winning: EMV + OmniShield Assure Sales

Q)Tell us a little about your company.

A) POS of Kansas is a Microsoft Certified Partner for RMS Store Operations founded around 20 years ago. We sell and install the hardware and software for POS systems in retail stores. We specialize in gift shops, bike shops, convenience stores and liquor stores, with most of our sales being here in the mid-west. We also sell credit card processing to our customers, and have been a Vantiv Integrated Payments (formerly Mercury) partner for over 12 years.

Q) What do you like about partnering with Vantiv?

A) We love the support we get from Vantiv. We’re very impressed with the speed of the transaction and the ability to offer signature capture or just pinpad and EMV transactions. We’re also very impressed with EMV chip-card security, and the protection it offers against fraud. The security and protection of tokenization and end-to-end encryption is something we highly recommend to our customers. OmniShield Assure is a wonderful solution for our small ‘mom-and-pop’ liquor stores. Not to mention, the ability to interface gift cards is a wonderful advantage.

Q) Talk to us about what you are doing to have the security and EMVconversation with your merchants?

A) With the current Vantiv promotion, it’s been simple talking about security. Once we teed up the need to convert to a more secure solution, we could offer them the $500 dollars to upgrade, and also found a way to save them money each month. With some of our other customers, we plan on developing the integration to an EMV chip-card system.

Q) Explain what you think is the biggest security opportunity?

A) The internal fraud in a retail store is always a risk to consider. The store owner is not always involved in the day-to-day operations of the store at all times, which can make them an easy mark for dishonest employees. Chip cards ensure the employee is not handling the card or retaining any access to its information, with the exception of the last 4 digits of the card. We see this as being one of the benefits of implementing an EMV chip-card solution.

The store not being PCI compliant is also a big risk that can actually put a small business out of business. The financial impact of a data breach could place the business into shambles and fast!

I have a customer who was compromised and lost more than $300,000, and not including any lost business that resulted from the breach. This customer is a very large liquor store, with more than $300,000 in sales per month. But you could imagine if that happened to a store that’s does less than $300,000 all year.

Breach assist is so important, and is a lifeline to a small business.

Q) What did you think about your Vault Experience?

A) Last week, we had the opportunity to attend Royals vs Mets game. We really enjoyed the ball game and meeting our channel manager, Mike, in person. We had great seats and awesome company. We all enjoyed it very much and look forward to him visiting KC more often. Vantiv really hit it out of the park on this one!

You can get into the Vault!

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