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3 Tips to Make Your Online Checkout Process Irresistible

Once a visitor has discovered your e-store, you want to do everything possible to encourage a purchase. You invest time and money perfecting the user experience, recommending complementary products, and moving your visitors toward the checkout process. So once your would-be customers approach the finish line, you want to do everything possible to keep them engaged and receive their payment. Here are three tips that can help prevent orders from being abandoned and make your online checkout process hard to resist.

Be transparent about your costs

The most popular reason why shoppers abandon their carts? Unexpected costs. Research shows that 56 percent of online shoppers abandoned their carts when the costs of goods exceeded their expectations.(1) In addition to providing full price transparency to your visitors, also consider how to communicate the extra costs of shopping online. Shipping fees can be a chief culprit in driving up the total price of a sale, so consider offering flat rates or free shipping so your customers don’t balk at completing the sale. 

Only ask for the basics

What are the basics you need to process the order and complete the payment? Usually it’s just the essentials: name, billing address, shipping address, cardholder name, card number, and card security code. Asking for additional personal information or discovery questions during the checkout process might feel cumbersome and invasive to the end user. So if you’re wondering how they heard about you or if they use social media, consider asking those questions in a follow-up survey.

Honor your guests

Do you have an option for visitors to check out as a guest or do you require them to create an account? Consider whether that extra hurdle is encouraging your customers to abandon their orders. It’s estimated that 21 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to the process taking too long.1 Eliminating barriers like account creation can help move your customers closer to the final sale.

Your checkout's job is to secure your shopper’s order through an easy, seamless process. If your customers experience any friction along the way, chances increase that they will abandon their orders. Keep these tips in mind to prevent that from happening.

1 Statista, http://www.statista.com/statistics/232285/reasons-for-online-shopping-cart-abandonment/, 2015.

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