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tableside pos systems for restaurants

Improve Brand Engagement With The Right Tableside POS

In the restaurant business, diners are essential for business success. Satisfied customers keep coming back for more, which leads to an increase in bottom-line revenue. There are a myriad pieces of advice that exist when it comes to improving customer retention, especially in the hospitality sector. Most advice is predicated on product quality and service; while that is important, the industry is evolving. Local restaurants must adapt with new technology if they want to continue growing.

Mobile and tablet technology in particular are making their way into the restaurant industry. In terms of total mobility, the way those in the hospitality sector connect with their customers is shifting. According to a recent Hospitality Technology™ study, 79 percent of restaurants plan to have a mobile app by the end of 2015. (1)

In terms of in-store technology, more restaurants are upgrading POS systems to mobile and tablet technology. Last year, Chili's® deployed 45,000 tablets in 800 nationwide locations, Business Insider® reported. The tablets have reportedly improved tip values by 15 percent. The tableside POS systems are equipped with software that diners can use to make an order, play games while waiting for their food and pay for their bill once the meal is completed. The all-in-one POS system not only cuts down on waiting time, it enhances the customer experience while improving the chance for a potential upsell. (2)

The more tech, the better
Line-busting at a small to midsized restaurant can go a long way with consumers. Nobody likes to wait, whether it's in line for a server, or their food for an extended period of time. Cutting-edge mobile technology has the capabilities to reduce waiting time with tableside tablet POS systems. It also helps speed up the waiting time between when a diner is finished with his or her meal and the time it takes to pay for it.

Mobile-friendly websites and applications can improve the overall brand experience as well. Restaurants that give customers the option to order from their mobile devices are meeting consumer demands. Everyday customers want flexibility in how they both order and pay for meals. Restaurants who provide different options are demonstrating they value consumers' needs. 

With tableside ordering reducing time between meal and check, mPOS breaking lines at pay-at-the-counter restaurants and mobile-friendly options serving different customer needs, the restaurant industry is adopting with the digital revolution.

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