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pos systems for sushi restaurants

Find the perfect POS solution for Sushi Restaurants

Simplify operations and enhance the customer experience with an integrated POS

A customized and efficient POS system, tailored for sushi restaurants, can help you focus on what you do best: preparing beautiful, delicious food and tending to your customers’ satisfaction.

The right POS for a sushi restaurant is one that is easy to use, simplifies daily operations, and has payment processing built in.  With the right POS system, your sushi restaurant can turn tables more quickly, enhance the customer experience, and create loyal customers.

Look for systems that include:

•          Multi-language capabilities

•          Flexible menu options that accommodate table service and buffet style

•          Acceptance for most forms of payments

•          Inventory management

•          Special promotions and gift cards

Experience the benefits of a POS system with integrated payments

Vantiv Integrated Payments’ award winning payment processing is built into the best POS solutions for sushi restaurants. That means you don’t have to select and purchase a separate software package to handle payment processing.  It’s already built in!  

Vantiv Integrated Payments understands that restaurant owners need advanced tools to create revenue and efficiently handle payments. And we know POS. With an advanced sushi POS system that has integrated payments by Vantiv Integrated Payments , you can seamlessly process payments, get 24/7 free support, and access business building tools to boost your bottom line.

  • Reliable, secure credit and debit card processing
  • Streamlined payments from multiple locations
  • Gift and stored value cards to drive sales
  • 24/7 phone and email support, on holidays, too
  • Advanced troubleshooting and alerts to help you resolve payment issues
  • Backup processing protection in case a network goes down
  • Special, custom reporting and accounting features

If you operate a franchise or have multiple locations, using Vantiv Integrated Payments’ processing allows you to easily reconcile payments across all locations. From simple, tailored systems for a small family restaurant to powerful and dynamic solutions for large chains, Vantiv Integrated Payments drives payment processing for the perfect sushi restaurant POS experience.

At Your Fingertips

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