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MercuryGift® Integration

Add value to POS payments with an integration to process stored value services

MercuryGift® Integration is an API to help developers and service providers access gift and stored value services through Vantiv Integrated Payments’ processing platform. With one API, merchants can process both MercuryGift and Mercury StoreCardTM transactions securely from the same payment application. Unlike competitors who do not offer comprehensive APIs for POS integrated stored value services, MercuryGift Integration supports a complete set of integration capabilities for POS systems, terminals, and many other payment devices. It includes integration support for a broad range of functionality designed to help your merchants bring more value to every transaction. With MercuryGift integration, you can offer your merchants a stored value solution that includes rewards, mobile cards and more.


  • One easy integration gives merchants a mobile, social and promotional capabilities for stored value services.
  • Flexible and secure integration methods for stored value processing.
  • Quick and easy implementation allows developers to go to market faster.
  • Faster development with access to professional one-to-one developer support.
  •  StoreCard enhances an existing MercuryGift integrated POS system with no additional integration needed.
  • Increase POS system sales with attractive value-add capabilities including free gift and stored value transactions for merchants processing credit with Vantiv Integrated Payments, multi-location ACH reconciliation, custom sales support, no gateway fees*, and reporting for your merchants.

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Our integration solutions handle payment processing with ease, and provide you with opportunities to innovate in POS technologies.

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