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Four Key Strategies on Remarketing to Abandoned Shoppers

Have you ever perused an ecommerce site and loaded up your shopping cart only to abandon your order and never complete the sale? Chances are you have. Research indicates that online shopping carts are abandoned an average of 68 percent of the time.(1)

There are some preventive measures you can take to avoid cart abandonment in the first place. Providing complete price transparency, offering the option to check out as a guest, and asking for the bare minimum in customer information are all good places to start. But what can you do when a cart is abandoned anyway? How can you get that customer back? Consider the following.

Cache Shopping Cart Items
If and when the shopper returns to your site, seeing the items they abandoned might encourage them to rethink the purchase.

Send Follow-up Emails
If the shopper reached a point where you received their email address but didn’t complete the sale, consider sending them follow-up emails.* The timing of your messages will depend on your business and your customers, but a same-day friendly reminder might work wonders. Also consider a drip campaign that sends reminder emails sequentially and within a specific amount of time.*

Offer a Discount
Consider offering a discount in one of your email reminders.* If the total price of the order was a barrier to completing the sale, it might help get the shopper over the hump.

Run a Retargeting Campaign
Retargeting is a type of digital advertising tailored to actions that users have previously taken online. (2) For instance if a shopper abandoned a pair of shoes in their shopping cart, the ad might display the shoes, price information, and a “Buy Now” button. Well-designed retargeting ads can provide visual reminders of items that customers have abandoned and perhaps lead to conversion.

These are just some techniques to consider when remarketing to abandoned shoppers. Contact us with your questions about ecommerce.

1 Baymard Institute, http://baymard.com/lists/cart-abandonment-rate, 2014.

2 Wikipedia®, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavioral_retargeting.

Baymard Institute and Wikipedia® are registered or unregistered marks belonging to one or more unaffiliated third parties that do not endorse or sponsor Vantiv Integrated Payments, LLC.

*The foregoing is provided for information purposes only and without analysis of applicable state or federal laws, rules, or regulations that may apply to your use of electronic communications or social media with your customers.  Please consult with your own legal or other advisors for advice on compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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