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The Perfect QSR POS

Find a QSR POS that streamlines operations and increases profitability.

Owners of quick service restaurants (QSR) know that speed is everything when it comes to customer service and smooth operations. Keeping customers happy and moving through the lines is easy when you have solid order management and can accept all types of payments from customers quickly. Investing in a modern POS system, made specifically for quick service restaurants, can instantly make your life easier.

Experience the Benefits of a QSR POS 

A POS for QSRs can help you take orders quickly with fewer mistakes – creating a lightning fast customer experience. Most POS systems today provide functionality so the front of the house can easily communicate with the back of house. So, orders are processed correctly, tickets don’t get lost and the food is delivered to the customer just the way they want it.

Today’s QSR POS system will:

  • Expedite customer orders and decrease customer wait times
  • Track purchase orders and inventory analysis
  • Create detailed reports so you can manage your business effectively

Integrated Payment Processing Streamlines QSR Operations

Vantiv Integrated Payments processing is built into most QSR POS systems to help you manage your restaurant. With Vantiv Integrated Payments, you can offer your customers many payment choices, including major credit card brands and other alternative payment methods. From versatile payment recognition to quick transaction confirmation, Vantiv Integrated Payments gives you features fit for your QSR, including:

  • 24/7 phone and email support every day of the year
  • Instant fraud notification and troubleshooting features
  • Top-of-the-line network stability with backup processing
  • Advanced customizable reporting and processing alerts 

We Can Help You Find the Right QSR POS

With a network of hundreds of restaurant point of sale reseller partners, Vantiv Integrated Payments is in a unique position to match business owners with the right POS system. Whether you’re looking for a local or national provider, we’ve got you covered. Call us today for your free POS consultation. 

At Your Fingertips

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