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MercuryActivate™ Integration

Faster Merchant Enrollments

MercuryActivate™ is an easy and innovative API to capture merchant enrollments online. The flexible API allows developers to tailor and customize the enrollment process based on specific business requirements. MercuryActivate’s online process is up to 96 percent faster than manual methods, radically reducing the merchant lead-to-conversion time. MercuryActivate is the future in online merchant application processing.

  • Enrollment capabilities embedded within your POS software, portal or website"
  • Automatic enrollment for pre-approved merchants
  • Streamlined data collection processes for easier partner and user participation
  • Instantaneous response to merchant applications
  • Flexible enrollment process provides options to enroll merchants

How it works

Developer integrates into the MercuryActivate API and either creates a portal/website or embeds the API within the POS application in order to capture the necessary information to enroll a merchant in Vantiv Integrated Payments processing. Vantiv Integrated Payments will use the information collected from the merchant to automatically process their enrollment. This simple application takes less than 60 seconds to complete; the developer can capture a lead almost instantly. With MercuryActivate, developers can quickly, accurately, and simply capture merchant enrollment information.

The API is embedded into their POS application or any public website. The developer can also empower dealers to enroll leads themselves, reducing the time it takes to respond to a merchant lead. This helps streamline the entire merchant boarding process by reducing the number of human and system touch points.


  • Embed enrollment capabilities within your POS, portal or website
  • Automate enrollment for pre-approved merchants
  • Streamline data collection processes for easier partner & user participation
  • Instantaneous response to merchant applications
  • Flexible enrollment process provides options to enroll merchants at any stage of the acquisition process (ie. merchant enrollment information can be collected by trial, lead, prospect or via organic marketing campaigns)

Benefits – Positive Business Outcome

  • Increase your ROI with more successful leads and faster merchant lead-to-processing time
  • Tailor the enrollment process to suit your business requirements
  • Expand market opportunities for your channel partners with Vantiv Integrated Payments’ value added offerings
  • Enhanced user experience by collecting a minimal amount of personal information to initiate enrollment

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