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Protection in every direction.

Vantiv Integrated Payments’ OmniShield Assure is your credit card payment security SWAT team offering EMV assurance, PCI compliance and breach assistance, card data encryption and tokenization.

Credit card fraud and payment security assurance.

With Vantiv Integrated Payments’ OmniShield Assure, you can more safely accept payments and dramatically reduce your fraud liability. When used with an EMV and encryption-enabled standalone terminal or POS system, OmniShield Assure helps protect your business from counterfeit or fraudulent cards not to mention safely transmit card data for processing.

Thwarting threats day in and day out.

We’re experts at protecting your business from the top credit card payment security threats.


As the leader in card data security and fraud protection, we can assist you in protecting your business with technology and solutions that keep you safe. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa and is a set of global standards for credit, debit and contactless card payments. EMV chip cards help prevent in-store fraud and are nearly impossible to counterfeit.

Card Data Encryption

Our point-to-point data field encryption provides a solid layer of added protection because data is encrypted at the point of entry, making it unusable to thieves and hackers. And it helps protect your customers’ card data in transit

MToken secure tokenization

MToken, Vantiv Integrated Payments’ tokenization service, helps protect data at rest by replacing sensitive data with surrogate data, or a token, that looks and feels that same as the sensitive data but is actually meaningless to unauthorized parties that access the data.

PCI Compliance

Vantiv Integrated Payments keeps up with legislative changes and payment industry regulations to help you remain in-the-know and fully functional. PCI Assist helps businesses achieve compliance through tools that guide merchants through the process, virus scan capabilities and support from compliance professionals. Once completed, merchants receive a Certificate of Compliance that demonstrates to customers they are PCI compliant and that payment processing security is a top priority for their business.

Breach Protection*

Safeguard your business by reducing your liability by up to $100,000 per merchant location. Breach Assist includes up to $15,000 of protection for post-breach hardware and software upgrades.

* contains eligibility and other program-specific terms and conditions

Benefits of OmniShield:

  • Improve credit card payment security
  • Reduce PCI compliance burden
  • Lower chargeback liability risk
  • Accept more payment methods
  • Reduce your financial risk from a breach
  • Improve customer experience
  • Help safeguard your reputation

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