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Access Working Business Capital From Vantiv Integrated Payments

Simple and Convenient Ways to Invest in Your Business

Vantiv Integrated Payments’ Merchant Financing solutions* offer simple and flexible ways to pay for products and services to help you maintain or grow your business.  You can finance your POS system, pay for a business upgrade, or make dealer service payments directly from your payment processing revenues.  Unlike other traditional bank financing that can be difficult to obtain and may not offer flexible repayment options, Vantiv Integrated Payments’ Merchant Financing solutions simplify the entire financing process.  Vantiv Integrated Payments maintains relationships with all sides of the financing eco-system to ensure that the financing process is a one-stop solution.  Merchant Financing is a streamlined billing and repayment alternative to invest in your business. 

Why choose Vantiv Integrated Payments for business financing?

  • Multiple financing options—choose the one that works best for you
  • It’s easy to get started
  • Approvals are fast
  • Repayment options are flexible

POS Financing*

An updated POS system plays an important role in successful businesses.  But many merchants find it difficult to come up with the funds upfront to upgrade or purchase a new system.  Traditional bank loans may be difficult to obtain and the terms of repayment may be too difficult to meet when your income depends on your business’ performance. 

Vantiv Integrated Payments’ POS Financing makes it possible to receive an advance on future credit card receivables to purchase a POS system.  Repayments are made to Vantiv Integrated Payments by deducting either a fixed monthly amount or a percentage of daily credit card processing sales.

When you use Vantiv Integrated Payments’ POS Financing program you get the POS system you need, plus:

  • Convenient payback from your credit card processing revenue
  • Flexible options to best fit your needs
  • Simple enrollment and fast setup

Merchant Cash Advance * 

A cash advance can help merchants who need extra funds to ease a temporary cash flow issue or need to make a large business purchase but don’t have the cash up front.  Obtaining financing from a traditional source such as a bank may require extensive business history and documentation and if you’re a new business or are experiencing hardship, that may be difficult.   

A cash advance can help by offering a source of financing that is not typically associated with traditional bank loan. Instead, a cash advance uses your future credit card processing sales as collateral and purchases those sales from you in advance of your business making the sales. This means that the financing is not based on your personal credit history but your business’s strength, in particular your sales strength.  

Vantiv Integrated Payments partners with third-party cash advance providers to make it easy to borrow and repay working business capital for business expenses or expansion.  With a cash advance you could:

  • Open a new store
  • Upgrade store equipment
  • Upgrade your POS and computer system
  • Add outdoor space or expand your storefront space
  • Increase your inventory ahead of a holiday or other seasonal opportunity 
  • Add a robust digital presence to your store

Dealer Financing*

POS providers (aka dealers) sometimes bill their merchants monthly for products and services they provide.   For example, if you want to purchase a new POS system, the dealer may offer you one upfront and bill you for it over the course of a few months or years.   Or you may enroll in a service package that requires a monthly payment.  

Vantiv Integrated Payments simplifies repayment by facilitating the process between you and your dealer.  Your payment can be taken from a percentage of your daily credit card receipts, or a fixed monthly payment.  And Vantiv Integrated Payments pays the dealer on your behalf.  You get the products and services you need, without the hassle.  It’s a simple and convenient way to pay for your business needs.   

Can a Merchant Financing Solution Help You?

Contact us today for details about our financing solutions or read more in the documents below.

*Each of the financing programs contain eligibility and other program specific terms and conditions.

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