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Meeting the technology needs of small business: POS Resellers

A network of support through partnership

There’s never a good time for a computer hard drive to fail, a server to crash, or a data security issue to surface. Small businesses in particular are vulnerable to technology glitches – and sometimes ill-equipped to handle them. With budgets already stretched to the limit, spending resources on an IT provider or infrastructure is a luxury most small business owners cannot afford. Still, enlisting the support of a trusted technology partner is a necessity for running a business today. The best place to start is with a POS value added reseller.

In addition to packaging all the required software and hardware for a business’ payment system, a value added reseller often provides training, product maintenance, and technical support. Your reseller is the primary go-to person when it comes to the functionality and overall security of your payment processing environment.

Not every reseller offers the same services and level of experience, so it’s important to choose one that’s right for your business. Look for a reseller with experience in your industry who partners with a merchant services provider that offers the security and support services your business needs.

Value added resellers that work with Vantiv Integrated Payments , for example, are part of an entire payment value chain focused on helping small merchants succeed. The team-based approach of the Vantiv Integrated Payments Network ensures merchants can quickly access support when issues arise. Merchants that partner with a reseller in the Vantiv Integrated Payments Network benefit from a better, simpler POS experience. To learn more how you can tap into the Vantiv Integrated Payments Network to help meet the technology needs of your small business, contact us. 


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