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Your Gym POS: Total Facility Management

From small gyms to major outfits, you need a modern POS solution that keeps up.

Simplify Your Gym Management with a Gym and Fitness POS System

Even though clients come in to your gym or fitness center at different levels of abilities, they certainly expect a top notch customer experience. And, as a savvy business owner, you understand that the customer experience is multifaceted. You know that having the right staff and equipment are key, and ensuring the day to day operations are managed efficiently is paramount.

Today's gym owners rely on facility management software that helps streamline operations and reduce costs in order to help create good customer experiences. At the front of the line is the modern gym point of sale (POS) system. A POS system, designed specifically for gyms and fitness clubs facilitates the 'must-haves' like day to day payment processing and membership fee collections -- but there is so much more.

Benefits of Using a Fitness POS System

With a high quality POS designed for fitness centers, you can:

  • Register and check-in members
  • Sell membership plans
  • Print financial reports, billing and membership statements
  • Process payments via debit cards, credit cards or EFT
  • Send sales emails

Simplify Membership Management

You can also use a fitness POS system to create a member check-in station. Set up a dedicated station and allow guests to easily check-in and out so your team members can focus on their work.

Retail Shop Operations

A POS system can also be useful in a gym’s retail shop, making it easy for staff to process transactions accurately and efficiently.  An intuitive interface makes it a breeze to ring up everything from smoothies and protein bars to personal training and sauna sessions.

Built in Payment Processing by Vantiv Integrated Payments

Vantiv Integrated Payments’ award winning payment processing is already built into the most popular POS systems for gyms and fitness centers, so you don’t have to purchase and install additional payment software. Enjoy high-speed transactions, speedy funding, and in depth transaction reporting with Vantiv Integrated Payments. Activate Vantiv Integrated Payments’ processing in you POS system and enjoy:

  • Reliable, secure debit and credit card processing
  • Streamlined payments from multiple locations
  • Gift and stored value cards to drive sales
  • 24/7 phone and email support, on holidays, too
  • Advanced troubleshooting and alerts to help you resolve payment issues
  • Backup processing protection in case a network goes down

Fitness POS systems can transform the way you run your business. Today's POS systems help gym owners manage every aspect of their business. Vantiv Integrated Payments works with the top gym point of sale providers, developers and resellers, so if you're looking, we can help match you with the perfect partner to support your business. Contact us today to learn more!

At Your Fingertips

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