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best pos for gift shops

Find The Right POS For Your Gift Shop

Make sure your business has a technology solution that will help your business grow and thrive.

Use POS Technology in Your Gift Shop

As a gift shop owner, you have a unique set of challenges that set you apart from other businesses. From a vast array of products and a diverse customer base, it's likely you could benefit from technology that helps you manage your business. And, in a fast-moving operation like a gift shop, having a robust point of sale (POS) and payment system is key.  If you're looking to find a solution that fits your business specifically, Vantiv Integrated Payments has your back. We work with many gift shop POS providers. In fact, our processing software is built right in. So, if you have any questions about what type of POS is right for your business, give us a call, we'll help you out.

Look for systems that help you multitask, automate, and process large orders. Other helpful features might include:

  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Gift and stored value card acceptance
  • Customer loyalty tracking
  • Marketing enablement


Ensure Your Gift Shop Has Affordable, Reliable Payment Processing

In today's economy, it is important to maintain profit margins and ensure customer satisfaction. When you purchase a gift shop POS, it's important to ensure that it is integrated with payment processing software, like Vantiv Integrated Payments . We provide quick, reliable payment processing with affordable rates that help you optimize operations and maximize profits. With Vantiv Integrated Payments, you get convenience, speed, and peace of mind with features like fast transactions and authorizations, 24/7 U.S. based support and the ability to accept a wide range of card types. Plus, when you swipe card directly from your point of sale, you don’t have to reconcile card payments with the cash drawer. Day to day operations become easier and more manageable for you and your employees.

Let us help you find the perfect system

Vantiv Integrated Payments works with the top gift shop point of sale providers and can help you narrow down your search when it comes to finding the perfect POS for gift shop owners.  Give us a call and we’ll help point you in the right direction. 


At Your Fingertips

Download the POS Buyer’s Guide

It's a big job to buy the perfect POS System. This is a robust guide to get you equipped to ask all the right questions to potential providers.

8 Simple Considerations

Choosing a POS can be complicated. Use this cheat sheet to narrow your search and find the right point of sale system.

Payment Processor Guide

Choosing the right payments provider is a critical business decision. Learn about features that matter and qualities to look for in a processor.

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