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best pos for fast food restaurants

The Best POS for Fast Food Restaurants

Keep the lines moving and customers happy with a POS built for fast food restaurants

Managing a fast food restaurant goes beyond serving up familiar favorites and leading a team of dedicated employees. It also requires handling point of sale (POS) logistics from taking and preparing orders to accepting payments. The right fast food POS system with payment processing built in can be the key to keeping your fast food business running successfully, while an inadequate system can leave you floundering.

Satisfy Your Customers

Fast food customers crave your consistent and dependable food, but they also choose your restaurant for its service. Your customers can depend on a smooth transaction, including receiving their food quickly, getting exactly what they ordered, and being charged the right amount. Customers may not realize how much work you put into keeping the business running efficiently, but you know how hard it can be to manage the fast food POS transaction.

Accurate Orders with Minimum Hassle

You depend on fast food POS systems from the second that the customer begins to order. The software and hardware, including payment processing, provide the ability to offer counter service to patrons. A customizable touch screen makes it easy to take orders accurately. The ability to set up special value combinations can make promotional sales more worthwhile since employees will not need to spend extra effort learning the new combinations and items.

Once the order is entered, a fast food POS system keeps working.  Kitchen staff and baggers can work without order receipts, thanks to kitchen video features. The POS also assists in collection of credit card payments and allows for quick receipt printing.

Features for In-House and Drive-Thru

For some establishments, the most important fast food point of sale is the drive-thru. It can be a big draw if your customers know that they can drive in and pull out quickly with the correct order, and integrated payment processing is designed to assist. Features such as drive-thru order queues make it easy for your staff to manage orders.

Find the best POS

Vantiv Integrated Payments can help you do all of this and more with payments built into value-packed POS systems.  When you choose Vantiv Integrated Payments for payment processing you get more than a payments provider. You get a partner who knows POS systems. Vantiv Integrated Payments works with the top fast food POS providers to build our payment solution into top of the line POS systems. Our extensive experience with integrating payments helps us identify the must have features for fast food restaurants.  Give us a call and we can help you pinpoint the unique features you need and the providers who offer them in your area. Get started today. 

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