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EMV for Merchants

Limit your fraud liability with Vantiv Integrated Payments EMV acceptance

EMV Chip Card Technology Has Arrived. Is your business ready?

Chip cards, also known as “smart cards,” are credit or debit cards that have sensitive cardholder information embedded in a data chip in the card, as opposed to traditional credit cards where the data is only stored in the magstripe on the back of the card. While the two types of cards may look the same, the way that the data is accessed to process a payment transaction is very different. Traditional credit cards are swiped through a magstripe reader, or credit card terminal in order to perform a transaction. Chip cards can be swiped too, but have extra security advantages when processed via EMV chip readers instead. 

EMV chip cards help prevent in-store fraud and are nearly impossible to counterfeit. EMV technology increases cardholder security and chip card technology is becoming the global standard for both credit and debit card payments.

The Liability Shift

To increase the adoption of chip technology, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will implement a liability shift for domestic and cross-border counterfeit transactions effective October 1, 2015. 

Once the shift goes into effect, merchants who have not made the investment in chip-enabled acceptance technology may be held financially liable for in-store fraud that could have been prevented with the use of a chip-enabled acceptance device. Vantiv Integrated Payments makes it simple for you to meet the new EMV standards using your POS system.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risk of counterfeit, lost or stolen card fraud
  • Reduce card skimming at the point of sale
  • Accept foreign cards that are already EMV enabled
  • Modernize your POS by supporting EMV and contactless payment technologies

Next Steps

If you want to avoid the fraud liability after October 2015, you’ll most likely need to implement an EMV capable card reader that can interface properly with your POS system and its software. If your POS system is incompatible with EMV technology, you may need to upgrade your software and hardware. Because there are many considerations, adding EMV acceptance is best done in partnership with your POS provider.

Vantiv Integrated Payments works with POS system developers, value-added resellers, and merchants to help businesses achieve EMV acceptence. Contact us, or your POS provider today to get started.

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