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EMV for Developers

Prepare your payments solution for EMV before October 1st, 2015. Explore the facts about EMV and learn how you can start integrating EMV today on the MercuryPay processing platform.

What is the EMV Mandate?

There is no EMV mandate. However, there is a liability shift. Today, all liability for counterfeit and lost or stolen credit cards falls on the card issuer. Starting on October 1, 2015, this liability will shift to merchants. This means that merchants that do not use an EMV chip card reader to process card-present transactions when a chip card is presented can be held liable for any fraud that occurs as a result. The liability shift only applies to card-present transactions.

The intent of EMV is to reduce card-present fraud through the use of an integrated circuit chip (ICC) embedded in the card. This chip contains software and data that are used to confirm that the card is authentic and in the hands of the actual card owner.

Will Your Payment Application Be Ready?

An estimated 45% of EMV chip cards are in circulation globally and with the large market share of electronic payments in the U.S. this number is expected to grow drastically.[1]  According to market research provided by Statista, the U.S. will see 58% EMV credit card adoption in 2015 and projected 84% by 2016.[2]

What are my options for integrating EMV into my POS?

Fully Integrated Solution
This means the software must be EMV certified. There are three levels of EMV certification. Level 1 and Level 2 certifications pertain to the card entry device (CED) and are the responsibility of the device manufacturer. Level 1 certification applies to the mechanical and electrical protocols used for transferring data between the CED and the payment card. Level 2 certification applies to the software application (firmware) residing inside the device that performs EMV processing.

Level 3 certification (aka network certification), tests each unique EMV path to the networks. Each card brand has its own set of defined EMV test cases that must be run to satisfy its EMV certification requirements. Each unique transaction path has to be certified to each network individually, and if any part of the path changes, a new certification is needed.

Semi-Integrated Solution
In this case the POS is integrated to a separate, third-party, EMV-certified payment application. The POS initiates the transaction request and passes the purchase amount and other basic information such as the merchant credentials, to the payment application. The payment application communicates with the EMV device and handles the actual transaction, then returns the necessary information back to the POS for printing an EMV compliant receipt, and for reporting purposes.

The semi-integrated solution is Vantiv Integrated Payments' preferred approach. This keeps our developers out of the complexity of EMV certification while still enabling them to deliver business value to their merchants such as integrated reporting and business processes.

Vantiv Integrated Payments EMV Solutions

Vantiv Integrated Payments offers a variety of EMV solutions for  U.S. processing. We’ve got a solution for all of your payment processing needs. No matter your platform or preferred payment types, MercuryPay connects ISVs to the latest technology through PA-DSS out-of-scope payment applications. 


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[2] Statista http://www.statista.com/statistics/419768/forecast-of-credit-card-adoption-to-emv-usa/



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