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eCommerce buying cycle - decision

Phase 3 of the eCommerce Buying Cycle: Decision


In this series, we’re discussing three stages of the ecommerce buying cycle: awareness, consideration, and decision. Awareness is when buyers identify their needs. Consideration is the realization that your goods or services can help solve those needs. In this third and final installment, we’ll talk about the decision stage. This is when buyers make a purchase with you, hopefully beginning an ongoing relationship.

In the decision stage buyers are aware of their needs, convinced you can meet them, and committed to taking action. In addition to completing the sale with your business, you also want them to feel confident in their decision. This can encourage them to be an advocate for your goods or services to future customers. So what factors can help support the decision making process? Consider the following.

Coupons and Offers

Relevant coupons and offers can be especially important during the decision stage. If customers expect to pay a certain amount and suddenly there’s an improved offer, they might feel even more compelled to complete the sale. For subscription services, consider structuring the offer so it is time dependent. For example, offering a discount after one month, three months, or even six months can help create the “stickiness factor” that retains paying customers. For products, you can provide a limited time discount or engage buyers with loyalty offers for repeat purchases.

Customer Service

Make it easy for customers to contact you in case they have any questions during the decision stage. This might include prominently displaying phone numbers, email addresses, and store locations with contact information. You can also embed a chat feature into your web experience to answer questions and facilitate purchases.

These are just some considerations that can help facilitate the decision portion of the ecommerce buying cycle. If you have any questions about the ecommerce buying cycle, please contact us.

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