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Part 3

In the previous two articles in this series, we discussed the expectations of modern day shoppers, and the current reality facing today’s merchants. How do shoppers get what they want? How do merchants deliver while overcoming their own challenges? In this final article in the series, we’ll take a look at how digital commerce bridges the gap between shoppers and merchants.

At the most basic level, digital commerce is the electronic buying and selling of goods. It encompasses sales via the web, smartphone apps, in-store tablet POS systems, and other wireless payment solutions. Digital commerce helps consumers create and control their own buying experiences – both online and in-store – and empowers merchants to create a seamless customer experience.

By its very nature, digital commerce requires merchants to invest in technology, whether it’s an ecommerce site, integrated order management system, point of sale system, customer relationship management program, or other solution. Retailers cite lack of technology as the most common factor preventing them from creating a more integrated customer experience within their organization. (1) Yet, the industry points to 2015 as the year when companies will embrace digital technologies to create deeper, long-term relationships with their customers. (2) There will be a specific focus on digital solutions that power data and insights, mobile commerce, and shoppable content to engage the buyer.

While merchants must invest in digital commerce technology, most consumers already have what they need to take advantage of it. As smartphone usage continues to surge and demand for new payment types such as mobile and EMV becomes more commonplace, the onus is on merchants to employ the necessary technology. Merchants who invest in digital commerce technology will realize the benefits of increased card data security, customer loyalty, and the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving payments landscape.

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