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Hot coffee, fast lines, happy customers

As a coffee shop owner, you’re no stranger to a fast paced work environment and rushed customers.  Whether you operate a drive through kiosk or a neighborhood hangout, keeping customers happy and coming back is number one on your list. 

With the right coffee shop point of sale (POS) system you can meet customer expectations and exceed your goals for growth.  The right POS system for coffee shops should be easy to use, customizable, and offer business management tools like employee scheduling, product data and inventory tracking. 

You need in depth business data to help you make decisions on promotions and specials, and a way to track customer loyalty and rewards.  You can do all of this and more with an advanced POS system. 

Payments simplified

One of the biggest challenges coffee shops face is being able to take all forms of payments as quickly as possible.  With fast transactions at the point of sale, customers move quickly through the lines and baristas can spend more time perfecting specialty orders instead of waiting on slow credit card transactions.   

Choose a POS that has built in payment processing that facilitates fast, reliable transactions right in the POS.  Never reconcile a cash drawer with credit card receipts again.  Instantly process transactions from all the major card brands and keep the coffee and the money flowing.

Built in Payment Processing by Vantiv Integrated Payments

Vantiv Integrated Payments’ award winning payment processing is already built into the most popular coffee shop POS systems on the market, so there’s no additional payment software to purchase and install. Enjoy high-speed transactions, speedy funding, and in depth transaction reporting with Vantiv Integrated Payments. With Vantiv Integrated Payments you’ll enjoy:

•             Reliable, secure debit and credit card processing
•             Streamlined payments for multiple locations
•             Gift and stored value cards to drive sales
•             24/7 phone and email support, on holidays, too
•             Advanced troubleshooting and alerts to help you resolve payment issues
•             Backup processing protection in case a network goes down

At Your Fingertips

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It's a big job to buy the perfect POS System. This is a robust guide to get you equipped to ask all the right questions to potential providers.

8 Simple Considerations

Choosing a POS can be complicated. Use this cheat sheet to narrow your search and find the right point of sale system.

Payment Processor Guide

Choosing the right payments provider is a critical business decision. Learn about features that matter and qualities to look for in a processor.

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