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pos systems for car washes

Streamlined and Profitable Operations

Let Vantiv Integrated Payments help match you with the a Car Wash POS that will help you take your business to the next level.

From facilitating payments to tracking inventory, the best point of sale system for your car wash business includes integrated payments plus all the features that help run your business more efficiently.  Here are a few things to look for:

Compatibility with your car wash system

Not all car washes are designed the same way. Make sure the POS system you choose allows you to work with your system.

Marketing capability

Look for a car wash POS system that will complement your marketing efforts. From gift cards, to communication with your customers, a specially designed car wash POS system can help you bring in more business and drive customer loyalty.

Integrated payments

A car wash POS system with payment processing software built in enables seamless credit and gift card transactions and other profit-boosting services. Vantiv Integrated Payments provides an all-in-one payments solution for car wash businesses. Integrated payments streamline transactions and important business functions, freeing staff to focus on other day-to-day essentials of your business.

Tracking inventory and supplies

The right POS system will do more than simply ring up your customers. It will help you track inventory and supplies, and make ordering and billing easier.

Easy to Use POS System

The best POS system for your car wash business will be easy to use. You should also be able to access support when you need it. Vantiv Integrated Payments’ 24/7 customers support team is on call day or night to assist with payment related questions and issues.

At Your Fingertips

Download the POS Buyer’s Guide

It's a big job to buy the perfect POS System. This is a robust guide to get you equipped to ask all the right questions to potential providers.

8 Simple Considerations

Choosing a POS can be complicated. Use this cheat sheet to narrow your search and find the right point of sale system.

Payment Processor Guide

Choosing the right payments provider is a critical business decision. Learn about features that matter and qualities to look for in a processor.

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