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Find the Perfect Bookstore POS You’ve Been Looking For

You help customers select books, let us help you select a POS

If you’re passionate about making your independent bookstore thrive, you should also be passionate about point of sale (POS) systems.  Luckily, you don’t have to be a POS expert when you have Vantiv Integrated Payments on your side. We work with the top POS providers of bookstore POS systems to help merchants like you access the integrated POS features and payment processing tools that can really make a difference to your bottom line.

Integrated POS systems

A POS system for bookstores with integrated payment processing can really help close the gap between big box chains and independently owned bookstores like yours.  You don’t have to have corporate headquarters handing down fancy marketing plans and customer loyalty solutions to attract and keep customers. You don’t need an entire IT staff to implement an ecommerce solution and use buying power to get cutting edge technology programs like the big box chains do.  When you have a POS system, designed specifically for independent bookstores, supported by a local POS provider, and value added payment solutions, you can do everything your competitors do and more.

Customer Loyalty

Customers frequent businesses that deliver a positive customer experience.  When a customer comes into your shop and you can instantly find the book they’re looking for, ring them up and accept the payment form of their choice in one quick transaction, you’re delivering a good customer experience that invites them back to your business.  If you can offer targeted promotions based on customer data, delivered directly to their mobile phone, you’re delivering a good customer experience.  If your customers can browse your inventory online and make a purchase from their home, you’re delivering a good customer experience. 

Do more with a POS

  • Manage and search inventory with ease
  • Accept most payment types and card brands
  • Run customer loyalty programs and reward repeat customers
  • Offer ecommerce shopping
  • Collect and aggregate data for targeted marketing campaigns

Choose Vantiv Integrated Payments

Vantiv Integrated Payments’ processing with value added features is built into the top POS systems for bookstores. We combine the most robust POS systems, with fully featured and reliable payment processing so you get maximum value at an affordable price.  When you use a POS system with Vantiv Integrated Payments built-in the payment platform is free, so there’s no additional software to purchase and support. 

Contact us today and we’ll help pair you with the top bookstore point of sale providers in your area.   


At Your Fingertips

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