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Bringing the next generation of stored value to Main Street

The Mercury StoreCard™ transforms a traditional gift card service into an industry-leading stored value service. A gift, rewards, and mobile payment card wrapped into one, the StoreCard offers a way to differentiate your business from the competition and compete with the big box stores. If you are already set up for MercuryGift®, you can add the StoreCard with no change to your POS integration. And like MercuryGift, StoreCard transactions are free and unlimited if you already process credit cards with Mercury.

StoreCard Rewards


Create customer loyalty with cash back rewards. You determine the reward amount, and every time customers use their StoreCard, they receive cash back loaded directly onto their StoreCard.

StoreCard Mobile


Mobile payments made easy. The Mercury StoreCard can be converted into a digital gift card and customers can use their smartphones to pay for their purchases.

StoreCard Reload


Flexible auto-reload to increase ticket price. Customers can add value to their cards online rather than at the cashier, saving time and encouraging them to use their cards over and over again.

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Disclaimer: We make no commitments or guarantees regarding the timing, availability or functionality of the Mercury StoreCard or the required terms and conditions of its use, and we assume no liability for the same.