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sign-up_hero2Payment processing your way

Get fast, reliable, and secure transactions with MercuryPay®, Mercury’s award-winning payment processing. Accept the most common payment types and card brands, and enjoy high reliability, speedy funding, promotional payment options, and instant transaction viewing. Unlike other processors that lock you into a particular payment solution, Mercury processing is already built into your choice of POS system that best meets your needs. MercuryPay supports stand in authorization to provide continuous transaction approvals, even if the authorization network fails (certain restrictions and limits apply; not available in Canada). Learn more…

payment-devices_455wIntegrated payments for the most common transactions and devices

Simplify business operations with Mercury’s integrated payment services that enable the most common transactions directly from most devices. When you choose Mercury for payments, you can choose the payment device that’s right for your business. Learn more…

every-type-of-business_SubheroPayment services for your business

Mercury’s integrated payment services are right for most every type of business. Whether you operate a restaurant, retail store, or provide services, we can streamline your payment processing. Our payment processing is ready to use with your choice of POS, terminal or mobile device and you can count on us for faster transactions, easier reconciliation, fewer errors and chargebacks, and round-the-clock support. Learn more…

PCI CompliancePCI Compliance

Maintaining card data security is important for all merchants accepting credit cards. Card data fraud is an increasing threat to small and midsize businesses. Learn more about what you can do to avoid a card data compromise. Learn more…

Why integrated payments with Mercury is right for your business

copy_48_checkmarkEasier reconciliation saves time and wages.

Reduce duplicate accounting effort. There’s no need to match reports from the terminal and the POS.

run_48Faster transactions shorten lines and keep customers happy.

Running one transaction at the POS is faster than using both a terminal and POS.

stock_48Fewer errors and chargebacks improve profitability.

Keep customers happy and avoid chargebacks by reducing duplicate transaction input errors and the risk of incorrectly entered amounts.

headset_48Dedicated, POS-wise support curtails the “run around.”

One-stop customer support diminishes time-consuming finger pointing at the “other guy” to solve payment processing related issues. Mercury’s customer support is offered 24/7 so you can get help when you need it.

The Mercury StoreCard™

Bringing the next generation of stored value to Main Street

coffee-shop_455wThe Mercury StoreCard™ is a better way to pay. Reduce checkout times and reward your customers for every purchase they make at your business. Most prepaid cards are static and inconvenient when funds run out. By contrast, the StoreCard offers an easy and flexible way for consumers to load and reload online rather than add funds at the cashier. With Mercury StoreCard, customers can: earn rewards, give gifts, and pay with their smart phone or with a plastic card creating convenience and incentive to return more often. The Mercury StoreCard is a comprehensive payment card designed to help local merchants increase foot traffic and bring more value to every transaction.

  • Cash back rewards Reward customers for every StoreCard purchase
  • Mobile payments Physical to mobile wallet StoreCard conversion
  • Reloadable Manual and automatic reloading of card balance based on customer preference
  • Card Studio A customized merchant website for customers to purchase personalized gift cards online
  • Social sharing To take your StoreCard viral (coming soon!)
  • Card registration Secure and protected if lost or stolen
  • StoreCard Manager Merchant-branded customer website providing innovative card management features

Learn more about the benefits StoreCard…

Add promotional power to grow your business


Our gift card service is designed to help you generate new revenue, increase exposure of your brand, and manage gift card sales for one store or an entire chain.

Offering gift cards is easy with MercuryGift®. Our comprehensive gift card service is already built into the POS system you use. Unlike other gift card products, MercuryGift offers unlimited free transactions for merchants who also process credit cards with Mercury, and a variety of affordable gift cards and merchandising materials to fit your budget. Whether you simply need attractive gift cards with your business logo for a single location, or custom designed cards for a franchise, MercuryGift is the perfect service to help grow your business.

  • Grow sales
    Most customers spend twice the value of the gift card
  • Increase traffic
    Every one card sold brings in at least two customers (the purchaser and the recipient, who may also bring a friend)
  • Build awareness
    Gift cards are like a billboard in your customers’ wallets, reminding them to visit you
  • Give customers what they want
    Half of consumers favor gift cards over merchandise
  • Get 24/7 customer and technical support
    Access help when you need it
  • Benefit from our experience
    Mercury’s gift team has the expertise you need to help you successfully market gift cards to your customers

Already have cards? Don’t toss them out – you can use them with MercuryGift. We’ll transfer the cards and their existing balances. Learn more about custom and express gift cards…


Bring in more paying customers with customized promotional mailers featuring built-in promotional cards. You choose the offer amount and we take care of the rest.

With MercuryMail™, a laminated post card mailer containing a pre-loaded promotional card, you choose the offer amount and we take care of the rest. The mailers’ instant savings compels recipients to visit your business and make a purchase. And, MercuryMail allows you to easily track the effectiveness of your promotion by the number of redeemed cards.

  • Streamlined
    Mercury takes care of the details so you can focus on your business
  • Simple
    Already works with MercuryGift®
  • Valuable
    Attracts customers who are ready to make a purchase
  • Builds awareness
    Captivates your audience and creates brand awareness
  • Increases ROI
    Most customers will spend more than the value of the card

creditcard_fingerprint_cardonly_455wFast, easy PCI compliance

Merchant SecureAssist™ helps ensure PCI compliance for small businesses.

Businesses without breach protection are at risk for heavy fines and business closure in the event of a data security breach. Mercury has partnered with Trustwave, a leading provider of compliance and data security solutions, to limit risk for small businesses.

  • Quick & easy
    Become PCI compliant quickly and easily
  • Stay protected
    Maintain compliance and stay protected
  • Help available
    Peace of mind with breach assistance, support and service

Learn more…

When problems happen, fast resolution can save the day. Get free, live, U.S.-based customer support, 24/7. Our friendly team here to answer calls and emails anytime, day or night.

Customer Service

Customer service is a promise we keep. Our frontline customer service team is available 24/7 to handle funding and credit card processing related requests, call routing, and other questions. Through proactive monitoring of our support team’s calls and performance, we continually identify and implement new processes to improve merchant services and customer satisfaction.

Technical Support

When a merchant has technical problems, we help. Our technical support team is available M-F during regular business hours to handle difficult funding requests, bulk processing requests, and all POS, ECR, and terminal support issues. And, we know POS technology. Our experience with integrating our payment processing platform with hundreds of POS systems gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to solving technical issues quickly.

Instead of explaining why you should choose Mercury, we’ll let our merchants tell the story. Here are the most common words our customers use to describe us:



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