MercuryPay Integration Suite

MercuryPay Integration Suite is a set of integration methods and services that helps developers extend their application to access the MercuryPay payment processing platform. Developers can choose the integration approach most suitable that best fits their business requirements based on their:

  • Type of business
  • Target markets
  • Security requirements
  • Operating system

The MercuryPay Integration Suite supports a complete set of integration capabilities for all types of solutions and payment acceptance devices, such as POS systems, terminals, and many other payment devices. It includes a comprehensive suite of integration capabilities to help reduce the scope of PA-DSS compliance for secure payments.

Key Solution Approaches

We have flexible integration options including Client-side and Web Services Technologies. We support swiped, manual and eCommerce transactions. Mercury’s integrated payment technology is the engine for seamless transaction processing and automated reconciliation.

Client-side Technologies

Mercury supports Client-side integration methods for developers who build POS applications on Microsoft Windows. These client-side integrations will accelerate your development cycle with all of the payments code already completed.

Web Services Technologies

Mercury’s Web Services integration methods are operating system agnostic. Their flexibility ensures that developers will control the payments experience.

PCI and PA-DSS Compliant Solutions

The challenges facing today’s POS developers in the development and deployment of payment applications are growing. In addition to delivering applications that enhance the customer’s shopping experience, POS developers also endeavor to create applications that help merchants retain and grow their customer base. They are also tasked with keeping pace with ever changing PA-DSS guidelines, PCI requirements, and seeking a PA-DSS validation – a time intensive and costly process.

We help developers eliminate some of the burden of developing applications that conform to PA-DSS requirements. We do this by providing you a PCI expert to ensure your POS is compliant and offer you solutions that are designed to reduce your PA-DSS requirements needed for your application. Developers benefit from reduced cost and effort in seeking validation of the payment application.

In summary, we help you with:

  • Solutions that help POS developers be PA-DSS compliant
  • Services to reduce the scope of PCI compliance for merchants

Value-Added PCI & PA-DSS Compliant Products


HostedCheckout is a hosted payments page that supports secure swiped and manual transactions for retail and eCommerce. HostedCheckout does not replace the checkout process entirely; just the handling of sensitive credit card data. At the point of purchase, whether through a merchant’s website or mobile device, or via a POS system, online payment transactions are seamlessly handled by a Mercury-hosted payment page. Additionally, HostedCheckout helps remove software vendors from the scope of PA-DSS by shifting the responsibility of handling sensitive cardholder data to Mercury.

End-to-End Encryption

Mercury’s end-to-end encryption product provides for secure card present transactions for E2E encrypted devices. It supports both Client-side and Web Services integrations. End-to-end encryption reduces the number of systems handling sensitive card data. When an encrypted card reader is used sensitive cardholder data is removed from the payment application and the merchant’s PCI efforts are simplified. Mercury offers an extensive array of encrypted devices in a rich portfolio including MSRs, PIN PADs, full featured PIN PADs, mobile MSRs, and mobile payment sleds.


MToken™ is Mercury’s tokenization product that replaces sensitive card data with non-sensitive reference data for long-term data storage and convenience for customers. With MToken, only the token reference – not the credit card data – is stored in the POS system. Storage of non-sensitive token references reduces the risk to developers and their merchants, yet still allows the merchant to process valid payments using save card data. Token references are useless to card data thieves since they contain no card information. MToken supports key features that merchants want including recurring billing, card-not-present voids and returns, incidental expenses, delayed shipping and layaway purchases. The product guides merchants to shorter self-assessment questionnaires by the PCI Council.

Key Solution Features

Mercury supports a wide range of payment methods authorizations for a variety of payment card brands and transaction types including credit, PIN debit, Canadian EMV, check services, ecommerce, MOTO, EBT, FSA and more. We also support authorization for several alternative payments including PayPal.

Mercury has a whole host of Industry leading integration resources that includes and is not limited to simple and Secure APIs, open source repositories and tools to accelerate your integration and an expert integration team on standby for your personalized needs.