mercuryanywhere_395wMercuryAnyware Integration

MercuryAnyware Toolkit is a secure, short-range wireless solution that facilitates payments at the point of delivery, from pay-at-table for restaurants, to on-site payment for services. It supports Canadian EMV Chip and PIN technology and meets all required security and compliance mandates. MercuryAnyware is PA-DSS validated and can be integrated with your POS solution, or simply used as a stand-alone terminal for payment acceptance.


  • Supports Canada’s EMV Chip and PIN technology
  • Available via VeriFone® VX680
  • Transaction types supported include purchase, split purchase, force purchase, void, return and settlement
  • Supports Interac purchase, split purchase, void, and return transaction types
  • Supports MercuryGift® (balance, issue, load, return, reload)
  • Integrates with your POS or use as a stand-alone terminal


  • Increase ROI with business efficiency
  • Improve consumer security and convenience with mobile payments
  • Expand business opportunities with capability to support Chip and PIN cards
  • Reduced effort to meet PA-DSS compliance
  • Flexible integration with existing POS solutions